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Neksis / Nov 07, 2015

Last night, at an hour that was much later than we had planned, a worn and weary guild finally got its home. Yes, last night, after a prolonged and drawn out battle with logistics and game mechanics--not to mention a whole lot of really tough mobs--we got our guild hall.

The place is definitely a 'fixer-upper.' The floors are cracked, the place is overgrown with weeds, the basement's flooded and there are dents where many people had banged their heads against the wall durning last night's fight.

Other than that, the place is absolutely glorious.

The glory comes from the fact that this place is a testament to the quality of people within this guild. It's a hard-won trophy that we earned through patience and perseverance--but man, taking this thing was a bitch.

Last night we took the largest gathering this guild has seen (70+ members attended the event) onto a massive map where none of us knew our way and tested ourselves against one of the hardest and fastest fights we had ever encountered.

Okay, so we failed that test, but we rallied, put out heads together and came up with a new plan and tested ourselves once again...fine, yeah, we failed that time too. Once again, we got together, analyzed the fight, changed strategy, adjusted formations and strode out to battle but that didn't work either.

By that time we were all a bit tired--well, one of us managed to get some rest--and a bit frustrated. We were old people who were up past our bedtimes and in great danger of becoming cranky. Despite all this, we managed to stay positive, retain our objectivity and with the last of our summoned fortitude and a large degree of downsizing, we ventured back into the fray and, by the skin of our teeth, we won. The guild hall was ours.

So when you hit [G] and click that Guild Hall button to enter our new home, remember those intrepid, battle-weary masses who continuously threw themselves into the fray and then had to re-spawn. Remember those who, despite the mounting frustrations of repeated failure, retained their civility, humor and patience and stuck together in their devotion to the cause.

This hall is a symbol of the friendliness, compassion and utter lack of maturity that this guild has cultivated. Use it and enjoy it.

Here we will rally and take part in many glorious deeds--some of them might actually be successful! Together we will build this hall and, once we establish that unicorns and cat posters aren't available, adorn its interiors. It will grow as we do.

JUGs, after years of waiting, we finally have our guild hall! Welcome home.

We are a casual PvE guild, catering to older gamers (30+) who just want to play Guild Wars 2 in a fun, drama-free environment.
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Come in and enjoy our easy-going atmosphere! (click image for more info)


Our age requirement (30+) will keep those pesky kids off your lawn and out of this guild!


There are many women in this guild and they will hurt you--so will their husbands! (click image for more info)


No experience necessary. Don't forget your repair canisters!