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Arch / Jun 10, 2019

Greetings, fellow JUGs! We wanted to let you know that after much discussion and planning, we've decided it's time to step down as JUGs guild leaders. Whether it's from real life demands or a waning interest in the game, we feel that neither of us can continue to offer the guild the presence that it deserves from its leadership. So with that in mind, we are handing over the reins to Gridt and Zalddi.

We made the conscious decision to hand-pick our successors rather than poll the guild for several reasons. First, we wanted them to have been in the guild for a reasonable amount of time. Second, we wanted them to be actively participating in guild activities. Third, but most importantly, we wanted to know them from actually doing guild activities with them so we could be sure that they reflect the spirit, culture, and standards of JUGs and will maintain them as your new guild leaders.

When we did the planning for the Reboot a few years ago, we thought ahead to the inevitable time when we would be stepping down as part of setting things up, so the transition to new guild leaders should be virtually seamless for the guild and its members. But just to make sure things move along without a hitch, we'll be around to give Gridt and Zalddi any help that they need as they get comfortable in their new shoes (neither of us intends to leave the guild or stop playing the game, entirely).

It's been an honor to be your guild leaders and we hope that we've served you well. We are excited that Gridt and Zalddi are taking over for us and that JUGs will continue to be GW2's best guild.

Each of us will be sharing some personal thoughts with you, so keep watch for them in forum posts or as links in the announcement above the calendar.

You can read a personal note from Arch here.
And one from Gridt & Zalddi here.
..and something from some guy named Neksis

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