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Theme Dungeon

Date: Aug 09, 2017
Time: 07:30 PM
Posted by: Sir Iceman
Category: Dungeon/Fractal (5 person event)
Experts at stealth and surprise it’s your turn to step out of the shadows! It’s time to cause a little trouble backstabbing and stealthing our way through the frozen north. This is an open to all Thieves event. Let’s all sneak up on our foes and have a little fun.

If you’ve been looking into getting any of the ‘Kodan’ armor skins for any of your characters, this is the event you’ve been waiting for. Each path will net you 100 “Symbols of Koda”

As always, this event is a Fun 1st outing and we hope to see you there.

Honor of the Waves paths require MAX level characters. If your Thief is up to the challenge, do come and join us.

Next Up: Honor of the Waves: P1 & P3 ( Time Permitting ) If someone needs a specific path, we can start there.

The indicated start time is 8:30 EDT or 7:30 CDT
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Damage (6)

1. Zalddi Thief

2. Toiresa Thief

3. Eerys Elementalist

4. Kalyani Kreil Thief

5. Nonexistant Being Thief

6. Stealth Cuddles Thief

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Not sure if I'll be leveled in time, but I'm going to try
Sir Iceman
Hope you can make it. This IMHO is going to be a fun night. If you want to run HoT for some quick Hero Points, post it and I'll try to come join in.
alright, up to 80 and have the elite spec unlocked \o/
Yeah, b*tches! I'm all over this one, especially since I missed Asura night! :D
So about that "dead weight" category you guys mentioned for the Engi run...
Sir Iceman
If you are worried about getting squished, Shortbow with swap to 2 Pistols will keep you out of trouble. Although, Sword/Dagger combo is nice for up close and personal killin!
Amen, Mike. My default weapon sets of choice if I'm not sure what I'm coming up against - shortbow/dual pistols.
To be honest I am not THAT worried. Thankfully, dodge is a universal skill I know how to use. ;)
My biggest concern is skills that involve movement. So if I do something weird, chances are I did not realize a skill made me do that.
Gridt, I constantly would leap off of platforms when leveling my warrior, I don't think you'll be alone
Sir Iceman
Something's come up. My 4 legged family member is not well. Might need to spend some time as a family
I`m assuming you`re referring to your pooch Mike. My thoughts are with you. I`m dreading the day our very first dog passes away. Cats are great but dogs are simply awesome! I very much hope all will be well.
Yeah, hope everything turns out okay. Do what you gotta do, Mike. We'll take care of things here.
Sir Iceman
Guys, thanks for your thoughts & support it truly means a lot to me. 🙏 Unfortunately "Harley" had to be put down 😂😂😂 We're going to take a few days here and deal with this.

As for the scheduled Thief run. I hope you'll find 4 others to fill in. Hopefully all Thieves 😉 Beg & plead and then invite anyone. Then bug them all night for not having a Thief 😛
I'm so so sorry, Mike and I completely understand. It is so hard to say goodbye. Take all the time you need. You and your family are in my thoughts.
So sorry to hear that news Mike.

I too have some bad news. I have a very close friend I've been playing FFXIV with over the past month or so. She is seriously ill. Unfortunately she's taken a turn for the worse yesterday so I'm going to pull out of all future events for GW2 until things settle.

I'll still be doing my dailies so might see you guys then :)
Sir Iceman
Daintrie, very sorry to hear about your friend. I do hope that she be well soon. Go spend time with her Bake her some goodies 😉. Good friends are very important and their well being is more important than gaming. Take all the time you need, we'll still be here when you get back.

Maybe I'll spot you when I'm doing my dailies as well. I have in the past. Be well!
Omg, I'm sorry to hear that Daintrie. I hope she gets better, and don't worry! Friends are more important than gaming. We'll be here for you when you get back.
So sorry to hear, Daintrie. I hope everything smooths out for her soon. I'll be sending happy orange thoughts your (and her) way. <3 <3
Yeah what Mike said. And that goes for both of you. Take the time you need. It is just a game. Besides, we ain't going anywhere.
See you on the other side.

I shall be forcing the game controller into her bony fingers and telling her she is not allowed to fall off her perch until we reach Stormblood. It's important to have a goal :)

Thanks for the support guys XD.

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