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Theme Dungeon

Date: Oct 25, 2017
Time: 07:30 PM
Posted by: Sir Iceman
Category: Dungeon/Fractal (5 person event)
This weeks 'Theme' is: Time to give old Lupy another kick in the Butt! It's been a few weeks since we last saw our old friend and hopefully the memories are fresh in our minds. Time to help some guild mates get the next path done in this difficult dungeon. For this week’s event I think we’d be better served by bringing our best/most familiar characters.

If possible, please sign up early so that teams can be balanced a few hours before the event begins. For this 1 occasion I’ve block last minute signups in order to aid the early party groupings.

If you’ve been looking into getting any of the ‘Lich/Accursed/Grasping Dead’ armor skins for any of your characters, this is the event you’ve been waiting for. Each path will net you 100 “Shards of Zaitan”

As always, this event is a Fun 1st outing and we hope to see you there.

Arah explorable paths require MAX level characters only

Next Up: Arah P4
The indicated start time is 8:30 EDT or 7:30 CDT
Tank (1)

3. Jael Syndari Necromancer

Damage (12)

1. Sir Iceman Guardian

2. Voyixx Of Arch Elementalist

5. Barandurin Warrior

6. Alysianna Gravemore Necromancer

7. Little Sparkler Elementalist

8. Neksis Syxx Necromancer

9. An Allean Ranger

10. Jurgan Snakebeard Ranger

12. Sigrun Snowsong Mesmer

14. Alusin Argantes Necromancer

M. Hanska Uzumati Ranger

M. Miranda Cote Necromancer

Support (4)

4. Yuki No Tsurugi Elementalist

11. Aria Seri Mesmer

13. Gridt Ironchain Engineer

M. Leina Côté Ranger



This should be the last one for my DM cheevo.
Sir Iceman
If you'd like to get an idea about this path Banter Bill P4 is a very useful video guide.

Also, if we're unable to assemble 2 full parties, I'll try to give priority to those who 'Need' this path.

This is not an exceptionally difficult path, but there are several bosses and each takes a specific group technique to overcome. So this path is a bit longer, but quite doable.

EDIT: Please have a look at the 'Groups' tab above to see which of the teams you have been assigned to. This will help the coordination once the event starts.
Signing up as a Maybe. In case we get enough for a 2nd party, or you need a last minute fill-in.

Just to be clear, I do have this path. And I am not actively farming for these tokens. So low priority. But if a slot opens up I will be happy to take it.
Sir Iceman
Looks like we'll have that 2nd team. Maybe a 3rd! Hope you don't mind, but I've considered you as a 'Yes' 😉
Wow, that is a lot more signups that I expected. Awesome!😀

I am still going to leave myself as a Maybe in case someone w/o the achievement needs the spot. Given the rarity of Arah runs, I would hate for someone like that to miss out.
Sir Iceman
NP, we're still a few days out. I see allot of names that haven't been with us on these adventures much. This being Arah, I'd still like at least 1 person with some familiarity per team. But then again, we fumbled our way though with all of us being rookies 😉 oh so many moons ago.
Signing up as a "maybe" as well. I don't have the achievement, but if there is a second group that forms up, count me in.
Sir Iceman
Looks like we need people confirmed 'Yes' for that 2nd team! Might even be a 3rd
Miranda and I would love to be able to run in the same group if we are able to be there for the event
Sir Iceman
Brysfal, if you and Miranda want to be on the same team for any event, not just this one, I'll make sure that that happens. All you have to do is ask. Sometimes it's quite useful to keep players that are used to each other's play style together. Helps in the tougher battles.
Sir Iceman
I've tentatively set 2 groups up. With so many Maybes, Ive only put 4 per team for now, with 4 that can be placed in as their status changes.
Sir Iceman
Just a reminder: If you have yet to watched the Banter Bill video I linked above, please take the time to do so. It's only 20 minutes long, but could save that much time once we are inside Arah.
Sir Iceman
So far we have just 8 confirmed. There are still 2 vacant slots left for the 2nd team. I'd like to see those slots fill quickly 😀 We do have enough signed as ‘Maybe’ for a 3rd team almost. If this is a path you need, please sign up as ‘Yes’ ASAP so we can balance out the teams in advance. Arah is not run often, so don't wait till the next time. It's been 6 months since the last time. So do come join us for this long but fun adventure.

Due to the length of this path, we'd like to get going as close to on time as possible.
Hey, just so nobody is wondering (because to my recent absence in-game) I AM planning on being there for the run. just wanted to make sure I wasn't a question mark ;) (rest assured I would have switched to maybe if I wasn't sure I would be there!)
Sir Iceman
Figured that so I slotted you into 1 team. I was kind of counting on you to be there!
I enrolled using my main but if you need me to run another class to 'cheese' some of the areas (e.g. portals or veil) I can run whatever class works for the group.

See? That's how nice I am.

BTW, I've needed this path for years so I'd better get in a group or you will all have to endure a ridiculous amount of pouting and sulking.
Sir Iceman
You are pretty much free to run what ever class you'd prefer. I might be a bit OCD when trying to get 1 Heavy Armor & 1 Healer per team. But if you watch the video, you'll see they were 5 melee class.

We'd never think of leaving you behind, we don't want to get ousted from the guild.
I'd better get in a group or you will all have to endure a ridiculous amount of pouting and sulking.

As opposed to...??? ;)

Awesome to see you jumping in on this, Neksis! MOAR DUNJIN MASTIRRZZZZ!!!

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