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Path of Fire Story

Date: Oct 15, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 07:30 PM
Posted by: Sir Iceman
Category: Personal/Living Story (5 person event)
Hello fellow JUGs. Welcome to the Path of Fire story adventure. This is an Event for all those who wish to experience the complete story that comes with the new expansion GW2:PoF. We will be gradually making our way through the entire story arc as a group and just enjoying the adventure together. We will try to start as close to the scheduled time as possible and do our utmost to be done at a reasonable hour ( 10:00PM EST ). We will not be in any rush to complete the adventure but rather take our time to enjoy it.

If this is something that you think you'll enjoy, do come and join us.
Tank (1)

6. Jael Syndari Necromancer

Damage (9)

1. Éire Croí Darach Guardian

2. Kleote Mesmer

3. Conlaed Stormchain Elementalist

4. Stealth Cuddles Thief

5. Sapientius Mysticus Elementalist

7. Savina Swiftwind Mesmer

8. Prent Ocado Elementalist

9. Hetan Torr Revenant

10. Alusin Argantes Necromancer

Support (1)

M. Starlor Guardian



I'm not quite sure which character I'll bring...there's a lot to choose from! So I might adjust based on what everybody else chooses to bring.
Sir Iceman
Thought I'd start with my shiny new Firebrand. Hope I have a better understanding of the class by the time this event kicks off.
Same here. All I know is that I don't want to use Gridt himself. Funny, I often make my choices based on what others bring to the party.

Guess I should go with someone I at least have a little experience playing. That would narrow it down to Berserker (Neikappa), Tempest (Conlaed), and Druid (Rin). And interesting enough, those are also the only elites I have unlocked. Huh.
I'm thinking my asura mesmer would be good to bring, since I think I'll have trouble trying to do the story solo with her (because she's squishy)
I am still waffling between my sylvari ele and my asuran warrior. I have been playing my warrior a lot lately. But I really want to unlock Weaver, and am not all that interested in the new warrior elite.

Hm. I think what I will do is play one for the PoF story, and when we drop back to LS2 I will switch to the other. Of course, I still have to choose...
I have no idea what I'll be coming on, but I plan to be there!
Sir Iceman
Gridt, I'll most likely follow your lead and swap to something else when we go back and do LS2. It might be wise for me to choose a character that has most of the map opened up. My FB will not qualify. He'll probably not get out of the dessert maps.

Treval, you are free to change your mind and waffle over your choices as often as you like. Just glad to see you'll be with us. Your knowledge of the lore in story mode vastly exceeds mine.
Looks like I waited a bit too long to sign up for this one. :( I signed up with my Necro, but have no idea who I will bring, though if there's no space, it's pretty much a moot point.
Sir Iceman
I wouldn't worry too much. I'm pretty sure we'll have 2 full teams
Even if we don't have full teams, it shouldn't be too bad to do teams of 3-4
So are we thinking to start right at the beginning of the story line (right after players are first deposited into the first PoF zone) or do we need to do some preparatory story steps beforehand to be ready ? Looking forward to it !
Sir Iceman
Good question! I had assumed that we'd start at "Blazing a Trail" which is right when you get into the zone.

But we could always start all the way back at "Sparking the Flame (Prologue)" and then do the 1st step to get the Raptor "Sparking the Flame"

I'll be bringing my toon that is already in the zone. But if someone wants to start a new toon and begin back in LA. I will start from there. It's only 15-20 minutes of our time.
That is a good question, as I had assumed we would be starting at Sparking The Flame. It is the start of the story, and it has achievements attached to it.

But if everyone else is already at Blazing A Trail then I can run the prologue on my own time, no problem.
Sir Iceman
So lets start in LA and take it from there. I'll run my main until we get into the new zone, then swap out to my FB and continue from there. At some point I'll need to start crossing other characters, why not now.
Hey, Mike. It looks like we might have too many people, so if need be I can step out
Sir Iceman
I don't see to many people, I see 2 teams.😃 We'll try to squad the open content and party the instanced stuff.

I've tried to split the group into 2 teams that seem semi-balanced. We only have 1 heavy class and a lot of light. But 1 mesmer per team in case of portal needs

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