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Path of Fire Story

Date: Oct 22, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 07:30 PM
Posted by: Sir Iceman
Category: Personal/Living Story (5 person event)
Hello fellow JUGs. Welcome to the Path of Fire story adventure. This is an Event for all those who wish to experience the complete story that comes with the new expansion GW2:PoF. We will be gradually making our way through the entire story arc as a group and just enjoying the adventure together. We will try to start as close to the scheduled time as possible and do our utmost to be done at a reasonable hour ( 10:00PM EST ). We will not be in any rush to complete the adventure but rather take our time to enjoy it.

If this is something that you think you'll enjoy, do come and join us.
Tank (1)

5. Jael Syndari Necromancer

Damage (8)

1. Éire Croí Darach Guardian

2. Kaz The Krewe Chief Engineer

3. Conlaed Stormchain Elementalist

4. Kleote Mesmer

6. Sapientius Mysticus Elementalist

7. Prent Ocado Elementalist

8. Hetan Torr Revenant

M. Technician Bexxi Guardian

Support (2)

9. Ydaine Pelladane Guardian

M. Draxlor Ranger



Sir Iceman
Since we managed to complete 'Sparking the Flame' & 'Blazing a Trail' last week. We'll be starting with 'Night of Fires'. Depending on how quickly that goes, we should have a chance to do 'The Sacrifice'. This will complete the 1st chapter on the Path of Fire story.
If I recall correctly, this mission starts with open world content. Shall we start as a squad and push through it together?

When a team finishes Night of Fires, do we hold up there and wait for the rest of the parties to finish?
Sir Iceman
1) It would be nice to progress as far as possible as 1 big zerg. Faceroll everything 😉

2) 1st team done's leader should probably check in chat with the other teams.
Cool. Sounds good. Looking forward to another fun session. 😄
I'm signed up as a maybe largely because I'm going to be going out of town on Friday and coming back Sunday. I should be back well ahead of time, but on the off chance something does come up I figured I'd give you a heads up
Sir Iceman
NP, have a safe trip, be well. Hope you can be back on time. We'll keep you posted on our progress in case you're unable to be back on time. I know you can catch up before next week.

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