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Path of Fire Story

Date: Oct 29, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 07:30 PM
Posted by: Sir Iceman
Category: Personal/Living Story (5 person event)
Hello fellow JUGs. Welcome to the Path of Fire story adventure. This is an Event for all those who wish to experience the complete story that comes with the new expansion GW2:PoF. We will be gradually making our way through the entire story arc as a group and just enjoying the adventure together. We will try to start as close to the scheduled time as possible and do our utmost to be done at a reasonable hour ( 10:00PM EST ). We will not be in any rush to complete the adventure but rather take our time to enjoy it.

If this is something that you think you'll enjoy, do come and join us.
Tank (0)


Damage (10)

1. Éire Croí Darach Guardian

2. Kaz The Krewe Chief Engineer

3. Conlaed Stormchain Elementalist

4. Sapientius Mysticus Elementalist

5. Kleote Mesmer

7. Prent Ocado Elementalist

8. Etti Ket Elementalist

9. Hexacles Guardian

10. Hetan Torr Revenant

M. Technician Bexxi Guardian

Support (1)

6. Jael Syndari Necromancer



Sir Iceman
Since we managed to complete 'Night of Fires' last week. We'll be starting with 'The Sacrifice'. This will complete the 1st chapter on the Path of Fire story. Depending on how quickly that goes, we should have a chance to start Act 2 - 'Crystalline Memories'. Hope to see everyone back again this week.
Is it too soon to create groups? I was thinking if we create the 3 groups (Teams Sunspears, Joko, and Amnoon/Neutral/Indepedent/whatnametheyareusing) then everyone can self-assign to the correct party.
Sir Iceman
I've create the 3 groups. And assigned the names. I'm pretty sure I got everyone in the right place. My notes on who's on my team are at home.

1) Sunspears
2) Neutral
3) Palawa Joko
Or we could rely on self-assigning. Everyone should remember which party they were in. And the site allows us to move ourselves around.
Hm, it doesn't allow you to name the groups?
Sir Iceman
Thought I'd kick start it off. But yes, if anyone knows which team they are on when they sign up, please move yourself into your group.

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