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Guild Missions

Date: Oct 09, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 07:30 PM
Posted by: Arch
Category: Guild Mission/Event
Join your fellow JUGs for some Guild Missions

This is our usual Guild Missions event. You know the drill. 😀

The event is scheduled weekly, but sometimes might be canceled for a given week due to a holiday or if the event's host can't make it. Please check the comments section to see if the schedule is going to be interrupted, or to volunteer to lead Missions if the event's host has posted they won't be able to make it.

Details for folks new to JUGs:

Time required: Plan for the event to run for up to 90 minutes, depending on what missions are available and what the group would like to do. We'll decide what specific missions to run after the group is assembled. If you need to leave before we've finished, no problem.

Event requirements: To participate in this event, you need to have TeamSpeak installed, working, and running prior to the event start time. You don't need to speak, but you must be able to listen to (and follow) instructions because coordination during Missions is very important and so that we can be sure we don't inadvertently prevent anyone from getting their mission rewards (especially important for Treks).

Characters/Professions: You can bring any toon you want, but try to bring one that has lots of the Central Tyria map already explored. if you don't have an area of the world revealed where a particular mission takes place (and the mission type doesn't let us create a portal from the guild hall), we'll try to escort you there, but missions have time limits, so we might not be able to get you there within the available time. If you bring a character that's lower level than the zone a mission is in, we can usually help you not to die too often 😉, but it's a good idea to bring a higher-level character (missions are in all different zones).

Joining the event: If you plan to join the missions, please meet in the Guild Hall at least 5 minutes before the event's start time and join the squad that's forming up so we'll be ready to begin at the scheduled start time. If you want to join the group while we're in the middle of a mission, you might need to wait until we're ready to start the next mission to join.

Some helpful links (you may want to have these handy before missions start so you can refer to them):
The emotes for the curtains in Langmar Estate are: /dance, /bow, /point, /sit, /wave, or /salute


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