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Thursday Night Fractals

Date: Jan 18, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 07:30 PM
Posted by: Sir Iceman
Category: Dungeon/Fractal (5 person event)
This is a Flexible Fractals event. The Fractal levels will be determined mainly by the AR levels of the participants. As well as their familiarity and comfort levels. The main objective is to group up and enjoy the combined effort and have some laughs along the way.

This will be a comfortably-paced run, and there will be adequate time for people to try the different puzzles and tricks. Allowing each of us to get more familiar with all the different mechanics. If you don't have any Agony Resistance on your character, don't worry -- we'll make sure everyone in the group has adequate Agony Resistance for any Fractals we choose to do. It's about Fun first!

We will mainly be doing T1 Fractals in order to allow newer players to join in. Or to let veterans test out new characters/builds that don't have enough AR for higher levels. But if enough experienced players join in, a 2nd team for T2 or higher is not out of the question.

The indicated start time is 8:30 EDT or 7:30 CDT
Group1 (3)

1. Raven Nyteshadows Thief

7. Briteleaf Ranger

8. Kriassa Mesmer

Group2 (1)

10. Líadnán Mesmer

Group3 (5)

2. Hildr Idasvard Guardian

3. Sioned S Ranger

4. Barandurin Warrior

5. Jurgan Snakebeard Ranger

9. Little Sparkler Elementalist

Group4 (0)


Not Grouped (2)

6. Pwity Virtueous Guardian

11. El NecBro Necromancer



Sir Iceman
Since we've started getting more than 1 full team for Fractals lately. I have added 'Groups' to allow everyone who signs up to indicate which Tier Fractals they would like to run. This should help speed things up a bit and allow us to get into the action quicker.

If you are new to Fractals or have no AR, then Group1 (T1) is where you will have to go. If you just want to 'Chill & Kill' then you are free to do T1 as well!

The Group number will indicate the Tier you'd prefer to run. Warning: If there's not enough signups to a higher Tier, then those player will need to slide down to the Tier below in order to fill up groups. Or someone who has more AR can always move up to fill a group as well.
At some point, I need to finish shattered observatory and 50 - that is the only T2 I haven't completed, so that would finish off the achievement. Looking at the schedule, it doesn't appear that will be a daily on this schedule (Thursday night) for quite a while. Maybe I'll look each day to see if it is a daily and see if I can get enough people to do it.
As usual, I would love to get more of my T2s completed, but if you need me to fill out or lead a T1team i'm happy to do that too.
Sir Iceman
I slotted you in the T2 group. Not sure where the others that didn't pick a group intend to run.
I have enough ar to do teir 2 s but I'm rusty and some fractals I lag a lot in.
Sir Iceman
Looks like we'll have a few teams running this evening. I see the T3 team is all full up. Hopefully we can get enough for each desired tier.
i can do up to t4, but i can run whatevs. Here to help JUGS so we dont have to use PUGS.
Sorry to do this last minute agsin, but I have to skip tonight. 😞 Work is kicking my butt this month and I am just so exhausted. Didn't get home until after 7 tonight and it was a LONG day. Hopefully I'll be back in the swing next week. I miss Fractalling with you all.
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