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Theme Dungeon Event

Date: Jan 10, 2018
Time: 07:30 PM
Posted by: Sir Iceman
Category: Dungeon/Fractal (5 person event)
Caudecus the Wise is currently accepting the hospitality of Queen Jennah while repairs are being made to his manor. Others seek to profit from the minister's absence. Lord Caudecus is the guest of the queen, and his mansion is being watched over by the Shining Blade. However, bandits are also active in the area, seeking to pillage the unprotected mansion, capture its staff, and recover the asuran technology that Uzolan had pirated.

It’s time for those who like to Confuse & Deceive our way through the bandits that infest Caudecus's Manor. This is an open to all Mesmer night! Time for us to all go have a little fun with our clones. We’ll try to gather as many teams as possible and go down and have some fun all as Mesmers. Come have some fun beating those mid-week blues by participating in the Exclusive Dungeon event. Hope to see as many of you as we can.

If you are looking to get any of the ‘Council’ armor skins, you will get 100 ‘Seals of Beetletun’ per each path done.

Caudecus's Manor Explorable paths require only level 45 characters or above. If your Mesmer meets the minimum, do come and join us.

Next up: Caudecus's Manor Path: 3

The indicated start time is 8:30 EDT or 7:30 CDT
Attending (12)

1. Misty Wolfsclan Mesmer

2. Karis Hadi Mesmer

3. Alusin Argantes Necromancer

4. Circe Roseknight Mesmer

5. Blodeu Gweth Mesmer

6. Daintree Mesmer

7. Jurgan Snakebeard Ranger

8. Fiadhain Mesmer

9. Brendha Mc Sparkly Mesmer

10. Líadnán Mesmer

11. Mayhemhippie Elementalist

12. Eavan of the Dream Mesmer

Maybe (1)

M. Briteleaf Ranger

Declined (0)





I have very little play time/experience on my Mesmer (Karis Hadi), which I tried to gear for eventual Raid Tanking. Should be fun being a noob again :)
I know it says "ranger" by my name, but I do have a mesmer. I just never added her as an alternate profession.
My Mesmer's name is Kriassa! brand new and playing less than a week now :D
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