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Dungeon run

Date: Jan 03, 2018
Time: 07:30 PM
Posted by: Solvar Tiberius
Category: Dungeon/Fractal (5 person event)
This time is normally taken by the Theme Dungeon event, but that is on holiday right now. At this point, I don't really need any dungeons, but it is fun getting together to do them. As such, lets see if we can group up and do some dungeon. If there is a dungeon you want to do, for whatever reason (tokens, dungeon master title, just because it is fun), just post and say what you want to do. Or the dungeon we do might be determined at event time if nothing else is posted, but those attending.
Tank (0)


Damage (6)

1. Hildr Idasvard Guardian

2. Sir Iceman Guardian

3. Blake Majik (Rathe) Necromancer

4. Solvar Tiberius Ranger

M. Jurgan Snakebeard Ranger

M. Briteleaf Ranger

Support (1)

5. Kriassa Mesmer



Sir Iceman
I'm available to help someone get a few paths done.
I may switch toons depending on dungeon location.
Sir Iceman
Me too, I keep switching characters each week so that these dungeon runs never get stale. Different class, different approach. Just need to use my main to open the doors since I've only done stories with 2 characters.
I can use HotW P2,3 and Arah Forgotten path
Sir Iceman
I like HotW! Fun place, I'm up for that. As for Arah, we have P2 scheduled this month and we'll have P3 ( Forgotten ) on the calendar in February. I know 1 more who's looking to get that one done.
I always forget to sign up for the events I create. I have a few different characters to choose from - perhaps I'll bring my main one, just to be different (and he can open all the dungeons).
Down as a maybe since the group looks full. If a second group forms or someone can't make it, I will happily step in.
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