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Flexible Fractal

Date: Jan 04, 2018
Time: 07:30 PM
Posted by: Solvar Tiberius
Category: Dungeon/Fractal (5 person event)
The normal fractal event is on holiday, but lets see if we can get a group together to do one like last week. Tier TBD, based on what AR people can handle and what they want to do. We'll probably just do the dailies, unless there is some specific request.
Tank (0)


Damage (7)

1. Sir Iceman Guardian

2. Sven Axelsager (Rathe) Guardian

3. Hildi Idasvard Revenant

4. Barandurin Warrior

5. Sioned S Ranger

6. Briteleaf Ranger

7. Alteria Crowe Engineer

Support (1)

M. Yuki No Tsurugi Elementalist



Sir Iceman
I'm always into some fun Fractals. I can help on any level ( T1-T4 )
not sure if I'll be on or not just yet, but some fractals sound like fun. I can do any tier as well.
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