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Date: Mar 12, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 07:30 PM
Posted by: Arch
Category: Guild Mission/Event
We're going to start running Guild Missions regularly again so we can build up Favor for JUGheads (our new WvW guild) so we can do Guild Upgrades.

We'll start with the JUGheads PvE Missions and then move to the Just Us Grownups Missions, as time permits. We'll plan to run for about an hour, or until there aren't any Missions left that we want to do. Even though JUGheads is a WvW guild, we've set its Guild Missions to be PvE for the time being, so we can have more people participate in them to help build up Favor for doing upgrades. We'll eventually be switching that to WvW.

You do not need to be a member of JUGheads to participate.

Please bring a toon that has as much of Tyria (pre-Hot) maps already explored as possible, since the Missions can take us all over the place.

If you want to join in, there is no need to sign up. There will be posts in guild chat prior to the event alerting everyone it is about to begin.

For some of the "Trek" events (not all of them) we will designate a single person to interact with a particular target. This will be determined before we start each Trek Mission. So that we don't end up with guild members missing out on getting their individual Guild Commendations, please pay close attention to the instructions when we are doing Treks.

Since Guild Missions require lots of coordination, please have TeamSpeak installed and running before the event begins. You don't need to speak, but listening will be important. If you are hearing-impaired, obviously, TeamSpeak isn't an option for you -- but we'll be glad to do what we can so you can participate, too -- just let us know.

Some helpful links (you may want to have these handy before missions start so you can refer to them):
The emotes for the curtains in Langmar Estate are: /dance, /bow, /point, /sit, /wave, or /salute


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