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Date: Mar 17, 2018
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: Arch
Category: Guild Mission/Event

The event is scheduled for 9:00pm EDT. If you have set your timezone on the website properly,
this will show up on the event calendar in your local time. If it doesn't, set the timezone here.

This event will capture the JUGheads Guild Hall at Windswept Haven. You can bring any profession you want, but you need to know how to play it and have a decent amount of CC to knock down the enemies' breakbars. It's going to take us a while to get organized, so please be at the starting location in the Domain of Vabbi, in TeamSpeak, and ready to go at the scheduled start time. There's a lot of coordination involved, so being in TeamSpeak (to be able to listen) is going to be very important for this event.

Be sure to read the Capturing the Windswept Haven FAQ. There's lots of information in there, including what things you need to know/do prior to the event so you will be able to participate.

If you'd like to participate in this event, please sign up. The mission scales based on how many people attend, and our strategy and sub-squads will need to be determined based upon some idea of how many people will be participating. We're going to start out with everyone who shows up (and has met the event's prerequisites) in the squad. If it turns out that the event is scaling beyond our ability to complete it (as was the case when Just Us Grownups took Guilded Hollow), we'll need to pare down the squad to get to something manageable -- but that will be a last resort, only after multiple, failed attempts.

Finally, please review the following:

If you have any questions or comments about the mission or event, you can post them in this thread.
Elementalist (3)

1. Voyixx Of Arch Elementalist

16. Ysaile Ravenhaired Elementalist

20. Estella Mentalist Elementalist

Engineer (2)

11. Fiona Golemheart Engineer

M. Gridt Ironchain Engineer

Guardian (7)

2. Hildr Idasvard Guardian

4. Sven Axelsager (Rathe) Guardian

17. Kazdaddy Guardian

22. Jake Orion Guardian

25. Adalira Niomanes Guardian

M. Kevias Nyte Guardian

M. Bang Bang Maxwell Guardian

Mesmer (4)

5. Kriassa Mesmer

10. Cedar Dragonheart Mesmer

12. Circe Roseknight Mesmer

19. Liara Langley Mesmer

Necromancer (3)

9. Amber Oud Necromancer

18. Neksis Syxx Necromancer

M. Draught Necromancer

Ranger (9)

3. Dee Sharpshooter Ranger

7. Sioned S Ranger

8. Jurgan Snakebeard Ranger

13. Reina Drake Ranger

14. Keifferlin Red Ranger

15. Goldea Hawk Ranger

24. FaintKarma Ranger

M. pappymacc Ranger

M. Hanska Uzumati Ranger

Revenant (1)

6. Scraps Mac Mutt Revenant

Thief (1)

M. S E R A F Thief

Warrior (3)

21. Noah Kaede Warrior

23. Barandurin Warrior

M. Operative Deadsmith Warrior



St. Patty's Day! My revenant will be wearing green to help celebrate. And the first round of drinks after the guild hall capture is on me!

Sir Iceman
Is maith liom é sin!
Sláinte mhaith!
Sounds like fun - if need be, I could also bring a warrior or a necro - those are the only 3 I feel really confident :) Happy St. Paddy's Erin Go Bragh!!
I will be there. I have never captured a Guild Hall before, so this will be awesome!

I would rather bring my Necro, but I signed my Guard up. I can bring either.
Wish I could make it, guys! Good luck & kill lots of stuff!!
I can bring almost any class you need, except I have no idea how to play a thief :P
WTF guys, a jillion rangers and only 1 thief?!
Has the raid gotten to big, or can I join?
I think you posted in the wrong event. This is the Guild Hall Capture event. The raid is scheduled separately, right before the Capture.
Sorry I meant the guild hall capture. (I Thought it was a raid)
Ah. Not too big. We'll take all comers and if we can't get it done, then we'll scale back. But we'll try first with everyone who wants to go.
Unfortunately, our internet service has been intermittent all week (thanks, Comcast!) so I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to participate tonight, but I'm going to make every attempt to do so.
We did it! Congrats to all and thanks for the fun event!
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