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Saturday Night Raid

Date: Mar 17, 2018
Time: 05:00 PM
Category: Raid (10 person event)
One hour earlier this week due to the guild hall capture. The plan is Escort, Cairn, and MO. We'll meet in the Aerodrome, and please have Teamspeak. We'll run for 2-3 hours. Feel free to sign up even if we have 10 yes replies already, as sometimes people's plans change.
Tank (1)

1. Cedar Dragonheart Mesmer

Damage (8)

3. Jurgan Snakebeard Ranger

4. Hildr Idasvard Guardian

6. Edward Wong Hau Necromancer

7. Estella Mentalist Elementalist

9. El NecBro Necromancer

10. Kriassa Mesmer

11. Jake Orion Guardian

13. Garth Morren (Rathe) Warrior

Support (4)

2. Fiona Fernheart Ranger

5. Circe Roseknight Mesmer

8. Sioned S Ranger

12. Zephyna Firebloom Elementalist



Excellent work! Another Cairn kill, first try! We'll get MO this week. :)
Sioned S
I promise not to screw up the protect this time :)
spent some time last night tweaking my reaper build and managed a consistent 25% increase over the build I was using last week. it's (very) much more fragile so we'll see if it holds up better in a group situation. I haven't quite got a handle on balancing my corruptions without the mitigating healing I got from using the blood tree but we can try it out and see if it can burn some dudes down a little faster.
Were you testing on the golem or open-world? The problem I have in open world is trying to transfer my conditions with scepter dagger 4 and having the target die mid-cast, so I end up stuck with all the conditions. That's not a problem with most raids, though it would be on escort. We have healers though, so it will be easier than going around by yourself.
average golem, no buffs, no extra conditions or effects. basically the actual numbers are nowhere near what I got with the raid group, so I got a baseline using my previous build, then made adjustments and looked at how it changed. whether it will actually translate to an actual 25% increase, I am optimistic ;) jsut depends on if I can stay alive haha
I may be about 10 mins late. I have a doctors appointment today and was just informed he is 25 mins late. I understand if someone takes my spot since 13 people signed up, but I will log on just incase someone drops out.
I have to pick up drunk people at the St Pattys Day Parade , ie my betrothed and friends, but i should be back on time.
Actually, I may only be a few minutes late.
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