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Thursday Night Fractals

Date: Sep 12, 2019 - switch instance
Time: 07:30 PM
Posted by: Sir Iceman
Category: Dungeon/Fractal (5 person event)
This is a Flexible Fractals event. The Fractal levels will be determined mainly by the AR levels of the participants. As well as their familiarity and comfort levels. The main objective is to group up and enjoy the combined effort and have some laughs along the way.

This will be a comfortably-paced run, and there will be adequate time for people to try the different puzzles and tricks. Allowing each of us to get more familiar with all the different mechanics. If you don't have any Agony Resistance on your character, don't worry -- we'll make sure everyone in the group has adequate Agony Resistance for any Fractals we choose to do. It's about Fun first!

Since we've started getting more than 1 full team for Fractals lately. I have added 'Groups' to allow everyone who signs up to indicate which Tier Fractals they would like to run. This should help speed things up a bit and allow us to get into the action quicker.

If you are new to Fractals or have no AR, then Group1 (T1) is where you will have to go. If you just want to 'Chill & Kill' then you are free to do T1 as well!

The Group number will indicate the Tier you'd prefer to run. Warning: If there's not enough signups to a higher Tier, then those player will need to slide down to the Tier below in order to fill up groups. Or someone who has more AR can always move up to fill a group as well.

The indicated start time is 8:30 EDT or 7:30 CDT
Tank (0)


Damage (5)

1. Raven Nyteshadows Thief

2. Aragorn The Harsh Ranger

3. Noah Sarks Guardian

4. Oborien Guardian

5. The Last Afromancer Warrior

Support (1)

M. Jael Syndari Necromancer



Sir Iceman
Based on the request of those signed up, we'll be doing T1 tonight.

If anyone would like to try Fractals for the 1st time, this would be a great opportunity for you.
Sir Iceman
This week's dailies looks to be: Aetherblade, Uncategorized & Thaumanova Reactor

With these as Recommended: 6 - Cliffside, 28 - Volcanic & 61 - Aquatic Ruins

At T1 these are all quite doable. Even the level 28 can be done with minimal AR (22) if we all have enough.
I will give up this spot of there's someone else new(er) to Fractals who would like to give this a go. Otherwise, will gladly bring my support Scourge.
Alright. Looks like you have a full crew and I am actually not feeling so hot tonight. I think I need to take some allergy meds and get myself to bed early. Will try to make it next week!
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