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Wednesday Night Nostalgia

Date: May 11, 2022
Time: 07:00 PM
Posted by: Sir Iceman
Category: Open World Event/Exploration
For those of you longing for their youth 😉 We'll be trying out a little nostalgia to make you all feel better.

As part of the monthly Wednesday Evening Event rotation it's GW1 Night. I know it's been a while for many of us. But lets see if we can get together and have a little fun.

Since we're not able to actually pick our characters, select the closest possible GW2 character when signing up.

We can kick this off at 8:00PM ET 7:00PM CT
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Sir Iceman
Last time out we quested around out in Issnur Isles & Zehlon Reach

This time out we'll continue with a few quests we have out in Lahtenda Bog and then we should be ready to do the next Mission: Blacktide Den

If anyone new wishes to join us, we are all Level 15
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