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LoreNight: End of Dragons (cont'd)

Date: May 13, 2022
Time: 07:00 PM
Posted by: Gridt
Category: Personal/Living Story (5 person event)
Tonight we will be continuing the End of Dragons campaign. We are currently early in Chapter 8, "Fallout." The next story step is "Reach the location specified on Navan's map."

Along the way we may do open world content as we come across it.

Good news, since this is the latest story step we can freely use mounts and any other skills earned up to this point. However, if you play EoD on your own then please do not use anything earned during the campaign until we reach that point.

And please no story spoilers!


Welcome to LoreNight!

Tonight we play much the same PvE Guild Wars 2 content, but with a focus on the lore and narrative being told. We will watch cutscenes, listen to NPC dialogue, and chat about what unfolds.

Currently we are running through the Living World and expansion campaigns in order. Along the way we will stop to do related open world content, including events and metas (if the timing fits).

This event will generally run every other Friday.

Even though it may say "5 person content," the more the merrier. If we can get more than 5 people, we will roll as one group in the open world and divide into teams for instanced content. Story content is fine with small parties.
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