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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!


It's vital that you give us your registered Anet name (e.g. Neksis Syxx.6983) so we can re-invite you. Thanks!
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!


Every now and then we do a little spring cleaning of our in-game roster to get an accurate idea of our effective guild size. When a player hasn't logged into the game for an extended period of time or not logged in to our website for several month...
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Here are some things to keep in mind when asking for help: Please be specific about what issue you're having. Please avoid vague descriptions like, "the website doesn't work." Try to put a summary (e.g. 'login issues')of your issue in the Subject ...
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

Hi there!

Hello. I've taken up the game again and love to be invited back. My ID is phxrocker.5041. Thanks a bunch!- phx
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

Hello! Would Love a Re-Invite

Back after a long time away, noticed I wasn't in guild anymore and would like to have an invite. Forum name is Windsar, in game name will be the same (I'm not very original with names, lol). ANet ID is Windsar.1097Going to start a new toon from sc...
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

Please take me back

Hello! May I please have an invite once more! Name here is Kitty Van Doom, same name for main toon. Game ID is Simsima.6274Thanks very much!!:D
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

It's me again.

I'm going to be doing some of the Halloween event and I'd like to rep the guild while doing so. Also, I keep promising my wife I'll get back to this game. I know you're tired of adding me back. I'll do better, I promise.Arena Net name is geekbrari...
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Before I buy, can I dye?

Ive spent the better part of this morning hunting wiki, dulfy and even googled looking for a simple page, site, posting, anything(!!) where I go to see whether something (mainly glider skins) is dye-able or not and for the life of me cannot find i...
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Daylight Savings

Most of the USA shifted their clocks back one hour today. I am assuming the guild's Event Calendar will reflect this? In other words, if your clock did not change today then guild events will be happening an hour later for you than before.
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Hey all! My wife, Sioned, turned me onto your guild after she joined. I had decided to come back to GW2 for Path of Fire and am looking for an active home for when I can play. I wanted to check to see if the application went through or if I needed...
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Client Disconnect after Path of Fire Ch. 3 The Departing

First - thank you to guildies for helping me get through the Soul Eater fight, died twice on him.Second - there are no checkpoint SAVEs during this first chapter. Very long dialogs, long fights, etc.Third - there is some sort of bug causing disco...
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I can hear you, but my mic is muted. It seems that Lou is assigned to Team Speak as a guest who allowed to listen, but not speak. While I am learning things by being that fly on the wall, I is hard to not say Hi when you are welcomed to the chat.
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Trying to fill out app

I'm currently looking to join a awesome guild that is strickly for older ppl. I hate the drama that mmpogs can bring, I played wow for several years and recently discovered this game. I was told that I had to fill out a app to join but unfor I ca...
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Modify Polls?

Do site admins have the power to modify existing polls on the forums?I tossed up three polls on the WvW section and forgot to add an "Other" to each. Is that something you guys can insert? Or are the polls permanent?
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Guide to Teamspeak

Does anyone have a good guide to getting and setting up Teamspeak for the first time? Ideally something designed for people that have never used TS (or any other VoIP service). A link or an attached document would work.I'm thinking this might be u...
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Recruitment Policy?

Could I get one of our fearless leaders to post somewhere prominent on the website what our current recruitment policy and process is? I found in a roundabout way the link to the GW2 forum post. And I know what the policy was when I first joined. ...
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questions questions

I’m browsing through your very elegant website but unsure of a few things:timezone on the event calendar?where is the ‘help request’ page or is it still in use? (cool idea)When to use the calendar: Is for any type of activity? it seems like its ma...
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problem with Teamspeak

Hi. I'm having trouble logging with TS.I'm using teamspeak3 put in..server address ""password "jugsb4pugs"I get "fail to resolve hostname '' "any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong here?thanks, s...
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What server/Timezone do y'all play on?

I'm on the US West Coast (PST/PDT) and play on Blackgate. What timezones/servers do you play on?Thanks,Autum
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Looking for a PVE Guild

Hi there,I am not new to GW2, but was around for launch. I have not been active for close to 2 years and am finding myself completely relearning/re-exploring this game. I do have a level 80, but I decided to start over a new toon so I could adeq...
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