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#14866682 Sep 04, 2021 at 08:04 AM
New computer, can't seem to get into discord or guild site
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#14867399 Sep 04, 2021 at 11:58 AM
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Hi there!

Can you reply with your full GW2 account name? You can PM me in game with it if you prefer not to post it here. I just can't find anyone in our ranks with the username you posted on. We did receive the Discord join request as well, just need to confirm that you're on the roster, etc and that there's nothing else we need to do to get your membership up and running!


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My GW account name is sirrahxdanu.7562. My steam name is sirrahdanu.

Zalddi, Asura Thief | Jael Syndari, Human Necromancer | Blodeu Gweth, Sylvari Mesmer | Keldanna Swiftrend,Charr Ranger | Fjorgyn Hristdottir, Norn Guardian | Gilly Lightfoot, Human Elementalist | Whealann, Sylvari Engineer | Trogdar Dburninator, Asura Revenant | Jaenus Foescourge, Charr Warrior
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