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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!


It's vital that you give us your registered Anet name (e.g. Neksis Syxx.6983) so we can re-invite you. Thanks!
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!


Every now and then we do a little spring cleaning of our in-game roster to get an accurate idea of our effective guild size. When a player hasn't logged into the game for an extended period of time or not logged in to our website for several month...
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

Back from hurricane...

Hello,Was without power... internet... and a shitload of other things for awhile... happy to be getting back to normal.Need a re-invite if possible as I was out of service for a while.Forum name: LiquidIngame id: Liquid.1549Thanks for all! Cheers!
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

La Reine Des Marmottes.4187

Hi,I was kicked because I wasn't able to login into the JUGS website for several months. Every time I tried to log in, I got the following message : ``You are not authorized to log in``.Today,after being kicked out from the guild, is the 1st time ...
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

Returning Member

Hi! I used to be in this guild and took a bit of a break from gaming in general. I've love to join you fine folks again. My Anet name is Anise.2480 if it's possible to get re-invited. Thank you!
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

Back from a break..

I use to be a member of this fine guild, but I took an extended break and if you would have me, I would love back in. Arena net name is PattiNVA.4928. I mostly play my Ranger Wynn Hightowers. Thanks!
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

Returning member

Howdy folks! I was a JUGhead a while back, around LWS2 era. Took a break from the game, but have been back into it recently and I'd like to join up again. Please send me a Guild invite when someone can- dunzees.2489. Thanks!!
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

Returning member

Hi everyone! I'm back! Can't wait to reconnect with old and new members!ANet name is Nima Longbow.3057In game is Mayhemhippie...its also my website name
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