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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!


It's vital that you give us your registered Anet name (e.g. Neksis Syxx.6983) so we can re-invite you. Thanks!
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!


Every now and then we do a little spring cleaning of our in-game roster to get an accurate idea of our effective guild size. When a player hasn't logged into the game for an extended period of time or not logged in to our website for several month...
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

Can't get in, says my email already in use

New computer, can't seem to get into discord or guild site
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

got kicked, ouch.

On the JUGS webpage I am known as Jennelaine, My Main character but I have 10 is Jen Seariverstyx, My arenanet name is Jennifer.8364 I promise to try and log in more frequently. I always rep JUGs when I am playing and I miss my friends, My discor...
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

Website Attendance

Hi everyone,I received an email saying that I needed to create an account to remain in the "JUGS' guild.Here I am.Thanks,OhAfternoon
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

Hello there!

Hello! I am in the guild in-game and logged in here so I could continue to do so, and while I think I would like all the features, I apparently don't have permission to view anything. I don't know what this means exactly so I am asking for some he...
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

Recently Returned

Hello, I was in the guild a while back and would like to be reinvited if possible. I have recently returned and I am looking for an older crowd to run stuff with. Thanks!Bolvine.2164
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

Back in game and would love to rejoin

Hey, I am back from a longish break from the game and would like an invite to the guild again. My account tag is Atrophy.5641, website name is Birddog, and I have been playing Ursala Major most of the time. Hope to see you all again soon.
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

I'd like to rejoin the guild please

I was culled for inactivity. Please take me back. My acct name is Sweetvetch.9052 My current main is Wicked White Owl and my name on the website is Lesa. Thanks for your consideration. Lesa
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

Hi there!

Hello. I've taken up the game again and love to be invited back. My ID is phxrocker.5041. Thanks a bunch!- phx
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

Hello! Would Love a Re-Invite

Back after a long time away, noticed I wasn't in guild anymore and would like to have an invite. Forum name is Windsar, in game name will be the same (I'm not very original with names, lol). ANet ID is Windsar.1097Going to start a new toon from sc...
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

Please take me back

Hello! May I please have an invite once more! Name here is Kitty Van Doom, same name for main toon. Game ID is Simsima.6274Thanks very much!!:D
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I Got Kicked/Can't Log In !!

It's me again.

I'm going to be doing some of the Halloween event and I'd like to rep the guild while doing so. Also, I keep promising my wife I'll get back to this game. I know you're tired of adding me back. I'll do better, I promise.Arena Net name is geekbrari...
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