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Neksis / Jul 10, 2014

We now have a Guild Lottery which we will be hosting each Friday. Winners will win one-half of the total take collected that week.

Here is how it will work:

  • Tickets will be sold the week prior to the lottery, so Friday after reset until Friday reset.
  • Tickets will be purchased using the guild bank. You will deposit your money into the "Treasure Trove" tab. This will allow us to have a log for each transaction
  • An officer will then transfer the money to the "Deep Cave"
  • This will allow everyone to see what the pot is up to
  • We will use an external website to generate a Random Number and will provide a link for guildies to verify the number (live)
  • The winning prize will be 50% of what ever is raised, the other 50% will go into the Guild Reserve
  • The winner of the lottery will not be allowed to participate in the following weeks lottery
  • Maximum of 10 tickets will be allowed to be purchased per guildie (not account, due to people having multiple accounts)

Tickets will be sold in the following manner:

1 Ticket = 3 gold
5 Tickets = 12.5 gold
10 Tickets = 20 gold

Note this is a trial run and the figures may change depending on feedback from guildies

This event is open to all guild members and officers
Neksis / May 01, 2014

There it is folks, the original JUGs Cape from Guild Wars 1. It's tattered, stained and has a crudely-drawn logo* that seems more at place on a coffee shop napkin than on a guild cape.

So with a gallery of swords, skulls, and extravagant heraldry, why did we choose a scribble of a cartoon beaver? Because it's funny and didn't take itself too seriously; it was perfect for our guild. We were a small group of friends who were far from hardcore but
laughed, joked around and gave each other crap whenever possible.

We were Just Us Gamers and we had a lot of fun. Whether the semi-naughty nature of our tag was intentional or not, we'll never tell.

So here we are in a new game and a new guild. Out of reverence to the fun we had in GW1, I kept the tag and the beaver. I also hoped to keep the fun and sense of cameraderie that permeated the first guild.

So far so good...


*The original beaver logo was a result of a contest hosted by ArenaNet where people could submit their artwork and the winners would have their work added to the gallery of guild emblems available in the game. Apparently the beaver made the judges laugh as much as it did us.
Neksis / Apr 01, 2014

Having the quality of members in this guild more than
a guild leader could ever hope to have. I am so very
proud to call you guild-mates and friends. It is
people like you that make guilds great and I know
you're the reason why I played GW2 as long as I have.

As hard as it is for me to tell this to you all; it's
perhaps the hardest thing I've ever had to say, but the
reality is that I've become tired of Guild Wars and
I've gone back to playing World of Warcraft. It's the
last thing I thought would happen but it has.

Full of teenage griefers as it may be, I find that WoW
offers far superior graphics, has panda bears and,
of course, better dance emotes. I know that this means
leaving the guild, but I know today is the right day to
say goodbye.

Darwin, Ritter, Cyrus, Fay, Algarath and maybe Stew
are fine officers and will take care of the guild; I know
you will all be in very good hands.

I'll miss you all,

Neksis / Feb 07, 2014


This March, our illustrious guild officer Cyrus has generously organized a series of GUILD EVENTS in which guild members can earn points.

The events will be comprised of both solo and group activities. The more events you participate in, the more points you can earn.

After the events are over, the top three members with the most points will win...and they will win big!!!


First Place: 200 Gold
Second Place: 100 Gold
Third Place: 50 Gold

Here are some of the EVENTS:

  • Wow!!! That is Cool, Where Did You Get It? (Scavenger Hunt)
  • Are You Smarter Than a Tyrian Jackalope? (Trivia Contest)
  • Do I Know You? (Meet and Greet)
  • Where in the World is Cyrus Sandiego? (Locate the Pin)
  • Thee Cannonball Run (Race across the Zone)
  • Hey You!!! Glad You Joined Us!!! (Guild Participation)
..and many more!!

Follow this news thread as we bring you updates and specific information about the events!!!

Neksis / Dec 05, 2013

This week our guild took in it's 200th member.

This is quite a benchmark to achieve right before we hit our first year anniversary (Jan. 9th) as a guild. I attribute this to the caliber of our membership and the inclusive, helpful and friendly environment they have created. Well done and thank you.

To be honest, there were times when I wasn't sure we were going to make it to fifty, let alone 200. I've found the role of guild leader--this is my first guild, by the way--to be both a trying and rewarding experience: with each new member, elation; with each member leaving, a small sense of failure and dejection. With each loss, fortunately, came a bit of knowledge and insight on how to make the guild stronger.

While our roster boasts over 200 members, obviously there are people we just never see. For them, the game didn't fulfil their expectations or real life had to take them away from the game; it is a testament to the quality of the people in our guild that some of them still log in every now and then to poke their heads in and say 'hi.' It's for these folks that I'll keep the lights on and hope for their return.

For those of us that are still in the fight and wear our tag, thanks again for the quality of character and environment of friendship and respect you bring to this guild. Gratitude is also deservedly extended to our officers; their hard work, knowledge and insight has kept our guild on course and helped it to flourish.

Creating this guild is the best one silver I've ever spent.....although those rawhide legging I bought were pretty nice.

~ Neksis
Neksis / Nov 12, 2013

With the introduction of craftable Ascended gear, once again we find ourselves grinding away for the materials needed; chest farming, champion trains and Ori runs have become our daily activities.

But what about dungeons?

Often dismissed because of their assumed difficulty and time consumption, dungeon runs are a great source of raw materials and most important of

Here are some points about dungeons you might have forgotten:

  • Most dungeon runs, if led by someone familiar with the dungeon, can be finished within 20-40 minutes.
  • The minimum reward at the end of each run is 1 Gold -- this isn't counting the money and loot drops acquired during the run.
  • Ascalonian Catacomb runs yeild a gold and a half per run--this is the lowest level dungeon too!
  • Arah paths 1, 2, and 4 has a reward of 3 gold for completion
  • The tokens rewarded from dungeon runs can be turned in for exotic armor and weapons which can be used or broken down for materials, including dark matter
  • Dungeon runs can net up to 335 achievement points. Read here.

We are fortunate indeed to have included Cyrus into our ranks as he is a seasoned dungeon runner and loves to bring folks into the dungeons and teach them the ins and outs. He is a great asset to our guild and his expertise is something to definitely take advantage of.

BTW, if you're not convinced about the lucrativeness of dungeon runs, ask Cyrus about his loot. Go ahead. I'll wait.

While hitting up Cyrus for a quick pick-up run may work, the best way to get a run together is by posting in the new Event Request Forums --specifically the Dungeons section.

I look forward to running many events with all of you--you might need to hold my hand as I tend to get lost....a lot.

~ Neksis
Neksis / Oct 02, 2013

As Darwin mentioned in his post, there's nothing wrong with our current Ventrilo server...except for the fact that you constantly have to adjust other people's volume settings, it has more controls than a small airplane and it only works for some people if they run it as an administrator---I'm surprised that Microsoft had nothing to do with its creation.

Because of this we are making the change from Ventrilo to Teamspeak3. I know, I know, more software to install and the headaches involved--right?


It's a simple installation and it has a setup wizard to take you through the few steps involved to get it up and running.

The software can be downloaded here -----> Get Teamspeak3

FAQ's, video tutorials, and other information on getting started can be found on the Teamspeak Website

There is also a Quickstart Guide for Teamspeak 3 in our Guild Library

While we haven't ironed out the details of where our server will be finally located, the current Ventrilo server will be changed over to TS3 and the settings and log-ins should remain the same.

The Ventrilo server will remain open until Nov. 1. After that you will need to have the Teamspeak3 client installed to use our guild's voice chat.

Please feel free to post any comments or concerns.

~ Neksis

P.S. If you need any help or have any questions, please feel free to PM me in game or through the site.
Neksis / Jul 05, 2013

Our fellow WvW Battlemaster, DarwinMindfracker has humbly accepted our offer to make him a commander and buy him the commander pin--and with absolutely no peer pressure whatsoever *ahem.*

While I will not ask any of our guild to give their money (as per our Code), I will be accepting donations.

There's even been talk of organizing a bake sale using crafted goods from our sizable collection of Zhaitaffy in the guild bank--I might be able to find something to make with all of the candy corn that's been filling my bank too.
I'd like to extend my thanks to those that have donated so far!!


Thank you so much for your generosity!

Update: At this time we have raised the full amount for Darwin's tag--I'm blown away by how quickly it came together!!

If you missed out on the opportunity to donate and really wanted too, you still can. There were some members who gave sizable donations that were too big in my opinion. A small donation (not more than 5 gold) will help make everyone's donations equal and less of a burden on some of our members.
Neksis / Jun 25, 2013
When I first started creating guides and other documents for the guild's site, they were either in .PDF form or rendered in BBCode; they were also scattered all over the site and difficult for some to find.

The .PDF format created its own problems as they had to either be opened in a separate browser window or downloaded to be read. This was problematic as different members have different .PDF viewers and the quirks that go with them; one even complained that once opened, the document wouldn't go away and they had to reboot to get rid of it......the big baby.

To remedy this I've created the Guild Library!!!

There is now a permanent link to the library in the Main Menu bar running along the top half of the website.

It's where all of the guild's documents and manuals are going to be kept. The library is actually a Flash-based virtual bookshelf with room for plenty of documents to come.

Each document can be read (and downloaded) via a spiffy, in-site viewer.

There are also sections for Mentors and Officers (currently only the Mentor shelf is available).

I hope that you all find this handy and much easier to deal with. If you were one of the unfortunates who had to download one of the guides, feel free to delete it as they all have been updated since they were first sent out.


~ Neksis

P.S. If there's any issues or errors you come across in either the library or documents, please let me know so I can remedy the situation.

P.S.S. For those who are wondfering, Ex Libris Amphoris means "From the books of the Jugs"....sorta.
Neksis / Jun 05, 2013
Introducing the Guild Member Help Request Form. This is a way for guild members to seek help from more knowledgeable members without having to resort to posting in guild chat or creating a post in the forums.

The form is accessed by clicking on the Help Request Form link in the main menu bar.

To get an idea of how it works, you can download or view the guide online by clicking here:

The form is up and running and ready to be put through it's paces. Now we just need a full crew of Mentors to handle the workload!!
Neksis / May 31, 2013

As often happens with casual guilds, everyone tends to end up just doing their own thing. Occasionally groups get together but it's usually the same people and cliques start to form.

Unfortunately, I fear this is starting to happen with our guild as well. I blame myself mostly for not being more proactive with the guild and now I am taking steps to remedy this situation.

Please understand that it isn't--and never will be--my intention to tell any of you how to play your game. If you are happy with doing your dailies and occasionally jumping in a dungeon, that's completely acceptable and understandable; it's your game and your free time.

If, on the other hand, you want a more active role in the guild or more participation with other guild-mates, then I might have a solution.


I am going to implement a officer-based Mentor system. Mentors will be comprised of members who have an active interest in helping others within the guild. The Mentors will be officers, but their role won't be the traditional one you may be used to (i.e bringing new people into the guild and kicking out the unruly ones). The Mentors will act as guides and assistants to those within the guild who need help with a certain aspect of the game.

The Mentor position is a purely voluntary one and anyone is eligible. I also want to reassure those interested in participating that this will, by no means, be taking up all of your time in game and you will be able to choose how and when you offer your assistance.

Because not all of our Mentors will have comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of the game, I will be implementing a utility which will allow members to request help with a specific aspect of the game (e.g. builds, classes, technical information, crafting, jumping puzzle, etc) and mentors will be able to view and choose who would be best suited to help.

The only requisite for being a Mentor is a desire to help and interact with other guild members.


I'm also going to introduce interest-specific Groups to the guild as well. These will be sub-groups of the guild who share a common preference for certain aspects of the game. These groups will be organized by a specialized mentor or mentors who also share their taste.

It is my hope that these groups and roles would encourage our members to interact with each other more and, as a result, enjoy the game more as a member of the guild. With any luck' the website will also play a more vital role in the guild as well.

Here's a brief summary of the member groups and associated Mentor positions I have planned so far:


  • Dungeon Runners: A group for those who enjoy getting together with other guild-mates and delve into the growing number of dungeons available in the game-- it's a great group for those wishing to get their Dungeon Master achievement.
  • Juggernauts: this group is for members who like to take to the battlefields in open WvW combat.
  • Pathfinders: This group is for those who are seeking their 100% World completion achievement--a must for those seeking a Legendary weapon!
  • Fractal Fanatics: For those who brave the agony-laden Fractals of the Mist in a never-ending hunt for ascended gear, this group is for you!

Specialized Mentors

  • Warmasters: These are seasoned veterans of open world PvP who would like to organize groups into the fields and show the ropes to newcomers to WvW.
  • Head Dungeoneers: These mentors will help organize dungeon runs and help their group better condition their characters for successful runs.
  • Lead Explorers: Those responsible for organizing parties and going to find all of those vistas and waypoints.
  • Fractal Aficionados: Heads of the group, Fractal Fanatics, they organize and lead their group as they advance through the Mists.

This is what I have come up with so far and I sincerely appreciate and welcome any comments or suggestions. It is likely that here will be some tweaking of the groups and perhaps some new ones will be added if interests warrant it.

It is my hope that this system will re-vitalize the guild and improve the gaming experience for everyone in our guild.

Please remember that whether you join up or not, you're place within our guild is as valuable as anybody else's. It's just that there are members in our guild who are wanting more from it and it's high time I brought it to them.


~ Neksis
Neksis / May 02, 2013
Now that our in-game population has reached 100, we need to get an idea of who's really here or not, in regards to active membership in the game.

As mentioned in our charter, you will not be kicked from the guild because of inactivity; we would like,however, to get an idea of who has essentially left the guild and moved on to greener pastures.

We also want to find out who has quit playing the game but wants to remain a member; these people might get cleared from the roster in the game, but will remain members in good standing and have full access to the website.

>>>>> HERE IS THE SURVEY <<<<<


Feel free to post any comments or questions.
Neksis / Apr 25, 2013
One of the reasons, I haven't been in-game as much is because I've been working on a comprehensive Website Guide which will explain the in's and out's of the numerous features on our site.

The guide should be finished in a day or two--depending on how much time I devote to it. It still needs some tweaks with its arrangement, and the table of contents is a bit wonky for my tastes--Google Drive does have its limitations.

Here's a Sneak Preview.

FYI: Right now, it is only online but I will make it available as both an online document or a downloadable .PDF file.

Please let me know what you think and if you have any notes or opinions, please leave a comment.


~ Neksis
Neksis / Apr 07, 2013
I tweaked the website some--hopefully for the better.
  • Changed the RSS newsfeed block on our site from GW2Guru's to's.
  • Added new forums for the specific classes. Moved the existing build threads to the corresponding forums.
  • Added a new sub-forum in Strategies called Dailies /Monthlies
  • Moved the Crafting and Trade sub-forums into the Strategies Forum and deleted the Professions Forum.
  • Divided Fractals of the Mist runs into separate runs by experience level.

Neksis / Mar 22, 2013
With us unlocking Guild Bounties nigh approaching, it's probably a really good idea that we know what we're in for. posted a very informative guide that explains what we need to do to finish bounties and then go on to unlock further guild missions.

GW2 Guild Bounty Guide

Thanks to Ryvn for posting this link.

Neksis / Mar 05, 2013
We were fortunate enough to have Tankerbell and Delusion choose have their guild, The Last Embers, jump on board with ours!

I ran with them last night and have to say that they--along with their six other guild-mates--will make a great addition to [JUGs].

The Last Embers guild is a collection of friends who have been gaming together for over seven years and, after playing GW2, decided that they should merge into a larger guild.

Happily, they chose ours.
Neksis / Mar 03, 2013
There's been quite an interest for regular Fractal of the Mist runs by the guild.

If you are interested, please respond to this news post and let us know which hours and days you'd be available.

Please remember that, in order to participate, you must have a character which is level 80.

Using that, we can schedule a regular run on the calendar which people can enlist for.


~ Neksis
Neksis / Feb 27, 2013
After reviewing GuildWars2Hub 's article on guild missions, I realized that, while we have a long road ahead of us in terms of participating in all of the guild missions, we are also well on our way.

We are two days away from unlocking Guild Economy Tier 4, and currently eight percent of the way to unlocking the first Guild Trek missions. Here's GuildWars2Hub's explanation of how they work:

Guild Trek involves the Tyrian Explorer’s Society setting your guild a challenge; to find the list of locations before time runs out. Unlike the other Guild Missions, this is arguably the easiest as it simply involves finding a location within Tyria. For those that have map completion, it makes life incredibly easy and as a result, the Guild Mission bares the lowest number of merit rewards.

There are a total of 150 Guild Treks to participate in.

GuildWars2Hub goes on further to summarize the structure of guild missions:

  • Guild Missions become available after your guild has upgraded the four categories within the guild panel, to a certain level.
  • Guild Missions cost 50,000 Influence to unlock and 200 influence to activate.
  • Higher tiered Guild Missions can be purchased with further influence and Merits (awarded from completing Guild Missions.)
  • Merits are awarded on a tiered basis and are a natural limiting factor due to how many you can earn in a week, preventing large guilds unlocking all tiers instantly from influence they may have stored.
  • 2 Commendations are awarded to each individual who completes a guild event and can be traded for items from the new vendor in Lions Arch.
  • Further rewards for completing a Guild Mission include two rare items or higher and 50 silver.
  • Precursors are part of the reward loot table for completing a Guild Mission.
  • Having World Completion is a huge benefit when participating in most of the Guild Missions as Waypointing quickly to far flung locations is a must.
  • Working together is paramount to successfully completing Guild Missions, as without it you will fail.

Upside: Our initial guild missions are going to be relatively easy. We will have access to new gear--possibly including precursors!!
Downside: The pay-out isn't going to be as big.

I'm excited about guild missions as I feel they will create more cohesion among new members joining the guild as they participate with our more seasoned members.

I also feel that the cooperative requirements involved in guild missions will encourage our members to fully utilize this website and its features (e.g. the event calendar and the forums).

As the guild trek missions become routine, we can find other goals to set our sights on; we could all group together and take over a small country, then moving on, we start to sieze neighboring countries until, at last, we have achieved total and supreme GLOBAL DOMINATION!!!

...or we can just try the bit with the jumping puzzles.
Neksis / Feb 19, 2013
Attn. Members,

We are a fairly new guild and, since its creation, I have been focusing almost entirely on recruiting, so you might find that our rank system, as well as our guild permissions are a bit wonky at the moment.

When I started this guild I'd always known that I wanted to have a 'hands off' approach to governing the guild and thereby keeping guild politics to an absolute minimum.

I'm not a fan of ranks because, in my view, they tend to give one an impression that some members are more important and trusted than others. Cliques tend to form and the guild ends up detracting from enjoying the game. I've always wanted this guild to be run as a collective instead of a hierarchy.

Still, a guild can't be managed by one person alone and certain responsibilities must, be meted out so that everything can run smoothly. I've decided that, instead of a chain of rank, I'm going to create a collection of groups which are responsible for managing different parts of the site and guild.

These groups are open to anyone who'd like to participate.

When [JUGs] first started out everyone who joined was granted the rank of officer so as to maximize recruiting. If you are currently an officer and just want to play the game as a standard member, let me know and I will change your status. Otherwise, unless you specify what additional permissions you'd like to have, you'll keep your permissions as is.

Please understand: I realize that most of you have enough on your plate in real life and just want to spend any free time you have playing the game. Whether you take on any extra responsibilities or not, you will be as important to the guild as any other member.

Here are some departments where extra help is needed:

The Website
  • new applications need to be accepted/rejected and new members need to be welcomed and briefed about the site and guild.
  • granting/ assigning permissions to other members
  • site need to be moderated (posts screened for content, organized, etc.)
  • being available to assist other members with technical issues and other information about the site
Ventrilo server
  • moderating the channels (kicking unwanted users, etc)
  • assisting users who are new to Ventrilo
The Guild (in-game)
  • sending guild invites to new recruits
  • answering questions from possible recruits
  • queuing upgrades/ activating upgrades
  • granting permissions to other members
  • management (i.e. taking an active roll in deciding the directions the guild takes in the future)
If you have any interest in assuming any of these responsibilities, please send me a PM or email me at

Once I get everyone's input, I'll create the groups and get everyone enrolled respectively.

Cheers, and thanks for reading this,

~ Neksis