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Gridt / May 03, 2020
As this global crisis continues to play out, I kept thinking. We can help out each other in fighting a crucial aspect: boredom (as well as get some extra social contact).

So Z and I are putting the call out. We are asking our fellow Juggies to post new one-off events on the calendar. Whether you be Member or Recruit, feel free to post something. Any activity, any day, any time. Could be a 5-minute milk run. Could be an all day marathon. Whatever you want to do. Throw it up there and see what happens!

To kick things off, I've thrown up my own one-off event on May 17. If anybody feels like joining me in Verdant Brink, you are most welcome.

To post new events on the calendar, go to the Event Calendar page and click the "Add Event" button. Fill out the form and tell us all about what you'd like to do (note: Make sure the Date and Time are correct). Hit the "Enable Signups?" checkbox, the click the "Create" button. And you are done! (note 2: if you go to the event's page, you can edit it later by clicking the pencil icon next to the title)

Also, if you know of another guild that regularly runs a public event (and by public I mean one where they call out in map chat for participation) then please post it and share. Every little bit helps, right?

Let help each other out by using the whole reason we are in this guild. See you all in Tyria!
Gridt / Mar 08, 2020
Hey, all! How is it going?

We know we haven't communicated in a while. We don’t want to get into the personal details, but several major events happened in our lives recently, some of them very tragic. These issues have taken us away from the game and complicated our ability to put in motion several of the plans we have had since the leadership change-over happened last year. That being said:

We are here now. And we are looking to get things going.

One of the first things we are doing: recruitment. We have made a new post here:
If you would like to share a comment, please do.

Next up, we will begin hosting Guild Missions. It will be monthly (we don’t want to burn ourselves out) on the first Sunday of each month. Because the first weekend in March has already passed, our first meeting will be this coming Sunday, March 15th from 1-3pm EST. Hope you all can make it!

Lastly, while Teamspeak will be the official voice chat for now, eventually we would like to transition completely to Discord (unless there is a majority opposed). Our plan is to officially roll out the Discord channel in April, but keep TS active while people are getting comfortable with Discord. We will be providing instructions and assistance to anyone who isn’t already familiar with the platform. Please feel free to comment about this topic with any questions, concerns or opinions.

GW2, and JUGs specifically, have helped us both through some very hard times over the years and we want to thank you all for choosing to be a part of this guild. You always keep things friendly and fun. You’re a great group of folks and we love running with you.

G & Z

A little something we left at the ANet booth, at PAX East 2020
Arch / Jun 10, 2019

Greetings, fellow JUGs! We wanted to let you know that after much discussion and planning, we've decided it's time to step down as JUGs guild leaders. Whether it's from real life demands or a waning interest in the game, we feel that neither of us can continue to offer the guild the presence that it deserves from its leadership. So with that in mind, we are handing over the reins to Gridt and Zalddi.

We made the conscious decision to hand-pick our successors rather than poll the guild for several reasons. First, we wanted them to have been in the guild for a reasonable amount of time. Second, we wanted them to be actively participating in guild activities. Third, but most importantly, we wanted to know them from actually doing guild activities with them so we could be sure that they reflect the spirit, culture, and standards of JUGs and will maintain them as your new guild leaders.

When we did the planning for the Reboot a few years ago, we thought ahead to the inevitable time when we would be stepping down as part of setting things up, so the transition to new guild leaders should be virtually seamless for the guild and its members. But just to make sure things move along without a hitch, we'll be around to give Gridt and Zalddi any help that they need as they get comfortable in their new shoes (neither of us intends to leave the guild or stop playing the game, entirely).

It's been an honor to be your guild leaders and we hope that we've served you well. We are excited that Gridt and Zalddi are taking over for us and that JUGs will continue to be GW2's best guild.

Each of us will be sharing some personal thoughts with you, so keep watch for them in forum posts or as links in the announcement above the calendar.

You can read a personal note from Arch here.
And one from Gridt & Zalddi here.
..and something from some guy named Neksis

Arch / Jul 27, 2018
The State of the Guild -- Summer 2018

Lots of great things have been going on with our guild, and Neksis and I thought this would be a good time to bring everyone up to speed on what's been happening, especially for all our new and returning members.


In our last Newsletter which came out in February 2018, we talked about our new sister WvW guild, JUGHeads, which we created when Arenanet announced upcoming changes allowing guild members to play together in WvW, regardless of which server each member was on. We don't know when these changes will be implemented, but at the rate we've been making progress with JUGHeads, we'll definitely be ready for it. If you'd like more details on that, check out that Newsletter.

Did you know? You can read all our Newsletters by clicking on the "Newsletters" item in the main menu bar.

In the time since we published that Newsletter, we've captured the JUGHeads guild hall at Windswept Haven and have completed all the WvW-related upgrades. We're anticipating doing nearly all the remaining upgrades at Windswept Haven except for the PvP ones. My best guess is that this will be completed somewhere near the beginning of September. If you'd like to see more details about the upgrade plans, you can check them out here.

Did you know? You can farm the synthesizer nodes in both guild halls every day (we're keeping the nodes at our two guild halls at different levels so we can do this).

What? You're not a member of JUGHeads? No problem. Just click the "Join the JUGHeads" button on our home page by the Shout Box, follow those instructions, and we'll get you hooked up. You don't need to be a WvW frequenter to join; JUGHeads is open to all our members.

By the way, if you want to run WvW in a casual way with some other JUGs before ArenaNet makes the matchup changes and don't already play WvW on your current server, we have a group that runs on the Ferguson's Crossing server almost daily, late in the evenings (NA time zones). Just post in guild chat to see if anyone's currently in WvW if you want to join in. If you're not on that server and want to switch, you do it from the character selection screen (it will cost some number of gems, depending on the population of the server you want to switch to).


We are currently running Guild Missions regularly on Monday evenings (NA time zones). In order to do the JUGHeads Guild Upgrades, we need to earn Favor (each upgrade requires some quantity of materials, Favor, and Aetherium -- which is automatically generated by the Mine in the guild hall). We can earn up to 2000 Favor each week from successfully completing Guild Missions, and we're doing so well with materials donations, we're consuming the Favor as fast as we can earn it.

Did you know? You can find lots more information and helpful links about Guild Missions in the description of the event posted on our website's event calendar.

If you've never participated in Guild Missions before, they can be a lot of fun, and no prior experience is required. We'll explain each Mission step-by-step, so come along if you have the time. TeamSpeak is very important for coordination during Missions, so please have it installed and working ahead of time. If you should happen to be hearing-impaired, no problem -- just let us know and we'll figure out a way so that you can also participate!

Did you know? JUGs allows any member to run Guild Missions at any time. So if you'd like to play around with Missions, feel free to do so. Just two things to keep in mind: (1) Please don't change the Mission type (the little gear icon), and (2) If you don't complete a Mission, please "Abandon" it so that the next person that wants to do it will know you're finished.


Even though we haven't had a formal recruiting push since the end of 2017, we're still accepting applications. In the first half of 2018, we've had almost 70 new members, bringing our in-game roster to just over 300!

WELCOME TO ALL OUR NEW MEMBERS!! We're glad that you could join us!

Did you know? If you're new to our guild, make a post introducing yourself in the "Introductions" forum. You can use the "Introductions" Quick Link to take you directly to the right spot.


Depending upon the time of year (due to weather, school calendars, etc. -- because Real Life Comes First) the number of events on our calendar goes up and down, but we typically have events scheduled for most days of the week, and very often events even get enough signups to run multiple groups for them. Remember, anyone can put an event on the calendar, but since we have members in time zones throughout the world, sometimes events don't fit into everyone's schedules.

If you find that there's something you'd like to do and you don't see it on the calendar or its scheduled time doesn't work for you, go ahead and post an event that fits your schedule. You might just round up some other JUGs who were wanting to do the same thing at your preferred time. Many of our new members are also new to GW2, so this could be especially useful for the new folks.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with multiple events scheduled on the same day (although it's usually a good idea to avoid scheduling events with overlapping time slots, when possible) -- it gives everyone more things to choose from, and that's a good thing. Just remember, that unless you specify special requirements in your event description, events are open to everyone to sign up for (all builds, all levels of experience, all professions, etc.), so if you do have particular requirements (like having a particular Mastery completed, for example), be sure to list that in the event description.

Did you know? Our website home page shows the current week's event calendar, but you can see our event calendar a month at a time by clicking on the "Event Calendar" item on the home page's main menu.


We've been running raids twice weekly for some time now on Tuesday and Saturday evenings (NA time zones). The Saturday group is doing particularly well, often getting several boss clears per session. If you're interested in joining one of the raid events, be sure to sign up on the calendar.

The JUGs Raid calendar events are casual (well, as casual as a Raid can be), so if you've been wondering what it's like to take part in a Raid, this is the event for you!

Did you know? Very often, if Ed is running in Saturday's Raid, he'll be streaming it on Twitch. To watch, use the "Barefootroot" link in the "Twitch" box on our website homepage, just below the "Latest Posts" box.


Fractals continue to be very popular in JUGs and the event regularly scheduled for Thursday evenings (NA time zones) frequently has multiple groups running. There is almost always a Tier-1 group running, so this is a great event for those new to fractals to get a friendly introduction to them, as well as for the more experienced fractal-goers to run higher tiers.

Did you know? To survive in the higher-tier fractals, you'll need to not only have a good amount of experience doing them at lower tiers, you'll also need to have some ascended gear that can provide you with sufficient Agony Resistance (only ascended gear has Infusion Slots which hold Agony Infusions). The Thursday Fractal event is the perfect place to practice the fractals and get drops to help you with the gear and Infusions.


You may have noticed the "Quick Links" section below the one-week calendar on our website home page. These buttons will take you to our most-used forums. We added a few more links here to make it even easier for you to quickly find the forum you're looking for. All the other forums are still there -- you just need to go through the "Forums" main menu item to get to them.

Did you know? If you hover over the "Forums" link in the main menu on the website home page, you will find a "View Unread" menu item. Clicking on this will list a page with links to all the posts you haven't read yet, in case there have been a lot of posts since you've last visited the website and the "Latest Posts" box can't fit them all.


Let's face it, Guild Wars 2 isn't the only game in town, and many of us play games on Steam. We created a Steam group, which is open to all our members. Steam doesn't give us an easy way to filter out non-JUGs members, so we've set up something on our website so we know when JUGs are requesting to be added to the group.

We don't have any activities planned with our Steam group at the moment, but it's a way to potentially connect with other JUGs for games besides GW2. You can find out more about how to join JUGs on Steam by clicking on the "Join us on Steam" button at the bottom of the left column on our website home page.


That's all the news for now. Neksis and I would like to thank everyone in JUGs for making this such a great guild to be a part of. If there's anything either of us can do for you, don't hesitate to drop either (or both) of us a note.

Happy gaming!!
Neksis / Feb 27, 2018

Backed by overwhelming support, we now have a guild which will represent our activity in the WvW environment. Because it is a separate guild, it will serve to protect our main guild (Just Us Grownups) in the unlikely event that any problems or drama should occur. We'll also be getting a new guild hall and all of the trappings that come with it. More importantly, we'll now have more content to participate in as a guild.


Having fun together is the ultimate goal of our guild. I know technically I should be saying guilds now but as I see it, the JUGs community is the real guild and Just Us Grownups and JUGheads just places where we happen to play. The new guild isn't here to segregate JUGs--it only serves to complement it.


Because both guilds are so tied together, anyone in Just Us Grownups is unconditionally invited to join the JUGheads, regardless of any intent to participate in WvW or not. You want to just join so you can farm the guild hall? --no problem. Unless you have zero interest whatsoever in being a member of the new guild, we welcome you to join. Who knows? Maybe what started off as the tiniest curiosity could become the most fun you've ever had in this game. In whatever capacity you choose to be involved in the JUGheads is entirely up to you. Even if you currently have a Recruit status in our guild, you're welcome to join JUGheads.


So now that we've made this new guild, what are we going to do between now and when Arenanet releases the update where we can run WvW as a Guild? --plenty.

First and foremost we need to claim our brand new guild hall, Windswept Haven. This involves running an event together and seizing the guild hall from the Mordant Crescent; it's a very big fight.

Since this is such a big event and because most of us have such an emotional investment in the outcome, we're going to try to schedule it so that we can accommodate as many interested parties as possible. This will probably be accomplished by surveying those people regarding their schedules and working from there. I'd also like to include that you don't have to be a member of JUGheads to participate--although I believe that those not in the guild will be kicked from the instance once it's been claimed.

Once we have the new guild hall secured we can start working in earnest to getting it upgraded. This will involve running regular guild missions together and maybe getting together for a farming run every now and then. While it will serve to improve the guild hall, it will also give us an advantage in WvW--like we need an excuse to group up and have fun together!.


While some people have already received and accepted invitations into JUGheads from Arch and I by catching us in-game, we've implemented a much more efficient process using a Group system (for more information about how Groups work, click here).

Here's how to request a guild invite:

1. Follow this link to the JUGheads (WvW) group page
2. Click the Join Group link*
3. In the Discussions forum, create a post (Add Discussion button) which includes:
  • "Sign Me Up" as the subject.
  • your Arenanet ID (e.g. Neksis Syxx.6983) as the message.
4. Click Post and that's all there is to it!
5. As soon as Arch or I send your guild invite, it can be found in-game by opening your guild panel [G-key]. After it's sent your post will be deleted--don't worry, you're not getting deleted from the group

NOTE: If you are already in JUGheads and just want to be on the web roster (for guild messages, etc), just follow steps 1 and 2.


Arch and I want to thank everyone who took part in the vote and let us know that you're behind us with this new move. We're really impressed with the amount of enthusiasm and support for both our venture into WvW and new guild. You guys are awesome!

Neksis / Feb 24, 2018

The rumors are true: in an effort to better balance the WvW servers, Anet is allowing guilds to register as WvW guilds; members of those guilds will be allowed to run together--regardless of which server their account is actually on!

Here's an excerpt of that announcement:

We want to make sure that playing with WvW guild mates is easy in this new system. Guilds will be able to specify if they are a WvW guild. This essentially means the World Restructuring system will consider that factor at the start of each season when assigning the guild to a world. On an individual player level, once a player's guild has specified they are a WvW guild, the individual player will be able to set ONE of their guilds as their personal WvW guild. When World Restructuring happens at the start of a season, as long as you have specified your WvW guild, you will be assigned to the same world as everyone else in your WvW guild, guaranteeing you will be able to play with your guild mates. (you can follow this link if you'd like to read the whole post).

This is great news. There will be no more expensive transfer fees to get to the same server as your favorite guild (obviously us). We've been wanting this for along time because JUGs happens to reside on one of the most populated and expensive servers, Jade Quarry. The only apparent downside is that if you are already part of a WvW guild, you'll have to choose to run WvW with either them or us; you can't do both.

With the information we have thus far, we're really leaning towards creating a new, WvW-devoted guild. While there are a number of reasons why sticking with just one guild (convenience, not having to use an extra guild-slot,'one-guild fits all'), the benefits of having a second guild really stood out for us:

  • We can get an accurate sense of how many JUGs want to and will be participating in WvW
  • We get the benefits of having a second guild hall
    • added resources (e.g. mining nodes, guild commendations) being made available
    • the activity that it creates (guid missions, the capture of the guild hall event, decorating, etc.)
    • we get something new to look at
  • We'll have a separate guild chat (to avoid flooding the main channel)

Before you form your opinion, here's a few things you should know about this new guild:

  • The guild will be called 'Jugheads'
  • The new guild will be a part of JUGs and will have the same tag. Only members of Just Us Grownups will be eligible to join the guild.
  • It will be run the exact same way (i.e. no officers) and will use this website
  • We will probably capture a second guild hall--why not?
  • There will be no pressure to join Jugheads if you don't want to
  • Even if you already have a WvW guild you run with, you'll still be allowed to join Jugheads if you'd like.
  • Even if you aren't planning on participating in WvW you can join

Regardless of the path we take, rest assured that our approach to WvW will be the same casual, drama-free approach we take towards all of our activity. WvW can be stressful--especially with commanders screaming at you. That's not going to happen with JUGs. We will make sure that all who participate will be welcome and treated with respect. If we succeed it will be because of our skill; if we fail...we'll blame it on lag.

Despite our casual approach, there will definitely be action. We will go in there and we will dominate...almost as much as we run away.

To follow any future discussions, click here to go to the WvW Discussion forum on this site.

Before we arrive at a decision in regards to either approach, it is imperative that we hear from you first. It's your voice that gives this guild its direction. We're asking for your help so that Arch and I can make the best choice and feel comfortable that we have the guild's blessing.

If you have any interest in running with JUGs in WVW (even if it's just a mild curiosity), please give us your opinion on which course to take.
You can do so by following this link.
If you have any input on what made your decision, please let us know by posting in the thread attached to the link.

Neksis / Oct 18, 2016

Hi folks. Neksis here,

This is a pivotal time for the guild and while lately things may seem to be “business as usual,” there has actually been a lot going on behind the scenes in regards to planning and implementing a new direction for our guild.

Before my “life-induced” hiatus, some of you may recall that I had announced that there was going to be a major restructure of the guild. As it turned out, moving to a new house and other factors forced me to put things guild-related on the back burner. Fortunately Arch, sharing my vision, stepped in to help formulate a game-plan. Later, I came in to collaborate and together we're excited to reveal what we have in store.

I'm going to try and keep this as short as possible but if you don't have the time (or patience), here it is in five sentence or less:

  1. No More Officers.
  2. Guild Members can now do pretty much everything in regards to guild functions and activity.
  3. Arch and Neksis are co-leading the guild.
  4. JUGs is going to be recruiting.
  5. The website is getting a facelift.

Now for those who have a bit more time or have just had their interest piqued, I'll go into a little more detail...

A Changing of the Guard

The biggest change that you are going to see is that the guild will no longer have officers.

While we agree that this is an unconventional approach to running a guild, we believe that a guild made up of pleasant, easy-going adults really doesn't need any significant degree of officiating.

In the past we've made officers of those who we felt contributed more in the way of activities, made them officers and gave them the ability to start missions, etc. What eventually happened was that the guild got divided into two camps: those who had the ability to generate content and those who were waiting for them to do it. Even though everyone had the ability to put events on the Calendar, usually there was just people waiting for an officer to start something. Burnout eventually ensued.

We're not going to do it that way anymore.

Guild members have been granted “the keys to the kingdom,” so to speak and will thus truly be the force that drives the guild. Almost all guild privileges are now open to full members of the guild and it will be the collaboration of all members which moves the guild forward.

This guild is what you bring into it. The enthusiasm you have to game together will be its energy; the respect and sense of community you bring will be its heart.

Two Heads are Better than One

As with any organization, some degree of administration is necessary to make sure the mechanics of the guild continue to run smoothly and be able to adapt as the game evolves.

Arch and I will be taking up this responsibility as co-leaders of the guild.

Over time Arch and I have formed a solid friendship and although there is a great deal of diversity in our personalities, we find that they complement each other quite well. Arch has a more structured and technical approach while I have one that is more aesthetic in nature (I believe I'm also fatter and taller).

Together we've hammered out and documented the process and methods the guild will be using. It is important for everyone to read it so as to fully understand what you can expect and what we expect of you as members of this guild: [JUGs] How the Guild is Run

This “sharing of the mantle” to speak will also serve to both capitalize on the synergy between Arch and myself and to avoid the fatigue of having to run the guild single-handedly. Together, we'll bring a great deal more to the table in terms of judgement, timeliness and accessibility.

Be On the Lookout for New Members

JUGs, in an effort to bring fresh blood into the guild will be recruiting again. We're not, however, going to just be bringing just anyone in for the sake of padding our numbers. We'll be making it known in our recruitment posts that we're looking for people who will be active members of this guild.

If they're not going to be creating new content, they'll at least be participating in that of others. They'll be friendly and easy to get along with socially. They'll be great additions to the guild because it's going to be you that decides if they fit in. They'll come aboard as recruits and if you feel they get along and make an effort to be involved with the guild, they're in! If they join us and just do their own thing and and don't interact with the the guild, then "so long" and we wish them well.

We're looking for quality over quantity. A small active guild beats a larger dormant guild any day of the week. In the upper right-hand area of the site you can see who's recently joined. Be sure to look for those folks in game and help them become involved.

Time to Spruce Up the Place

The website, as some of you have observed is getting a bit long in the tooth in regards to it's looks and build. It's going to be getting a fresh look (e.g. new color scheme, logo, etc.). We'll also be streamlining the forums a bit and tweaking the composition so that it's as convenient and intuitive as we can get it.

That's Pretty Much It

Apart from that (a complete overhaul of the guild and all of its components!), not much else is going on. Thanks for taking the time to read it and we look forward to hearing what impressions you have of the new direction we've taken.

Many of these changes are in effect now so, once again please read [JUGs] How the Guild is Run so that you know what's going on.

Thanks and we'll see you in game,

Neksis / Feb 12, 2016

Hi, Neksis here. I just wanted to share with you where I feel we're at and what's in store the guild. I'll do my best to keep it short and I thank you for taking the time and interest to read it.

Our Approach to Running the Guild

With the release of the Heart of Thorns' mechanics and content, the dynamics of the relationship that guilds have with their members has changed. We now have an environment where it's much more convenient for people to be members of multiple guilds and, as a result, guilds who are trying to maintain strict representation policies are really having a hard time of it.

They're finding out what we, pretty much, have always known: the best way to keep people's loyalty isn't by demanding it; it's by earning it. People are going to stick with guilds where they have the most fun and it's with this mindset that we will run this guild.

Guild Events

Our biggest focus is going to be bringing you more scheduled content that we all can run together as a guild. These Guild Events will encompass all types of gameplay ranging from the heavily coordinated and challenging to events which are ultra-casual--who knows? We even might do stuff that's downright silly. Whichever the case, the experience of getting the whole guild and running the game together is unmatched when you're with a good guild. It's why people join guilds in the first place. We plan to bring you more of it.

Our Real Guild Hall

Thanks to your donated materials and efforts, the Guild Hall is really coming together. Just remember that this website is the guild’s real home. Within it we house the guild's past and decide it's future. Whether people are using it to vote on new changes and ideas for the guild or joking around in its chatroom, the website is the nexus for all guild activity outside of the game.

One new feature recently added to the homepage is a Comments/Suggestions box. This allows you to offer any observations or criticisms regarding the guild and even gives you the option of submitting them anonymously--even I won't be able to tell who sent them.

I’ve always strived to make this website a useful, intuitive and content-rich resource and am always looking for ways to improve its convenience to the guild. So please, use this website and take advantage of its content--even if it's to look for new events on the calendar or check personal messages every now and then before hopping into the game.

It's Your Guild

This guild is what you make it and you all have a say in how it's run and where it's headed. Whether it's by voting in polls, making submissions in the Comment/Suggestion box or by contacting one of our Senior Members directly, the opinion and consensus of all guild members is what shapes this guild into what it is and will become.

The reason for this is because it's you that really makes this guild as good as it is. It's the casual, friendly attitude that you share with one another that makes people choose to make our guild their home. No one here carries a chip on their shoulder or is too elitist or self-absorbed to help out another member or include them in their game. The patience and support given to each other during guild missions are qualities I've rarely seen in any other guilds I've been a part of.

I, along with the other leadership of the guild thank you for this and want to assure you we're going to do our best to make this guild as fun for you as you've made it for us.

Thank you and I'll see you in game,