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Neksis / Oct 18, 2016

Hi folks. Neksis here,

This is a pivotal time for the guild and while lately things may seem to be “business as usual,” there has actually been a lot going on behind the scenes in regards to planning and implementing a new direction for our guild.

Before my “life-induced” hiatus, some of you may recall that I had announced that there was going to be a major restructure of the guild. As it turned out, moving to a new house and other factors forced me to put things guild-related on the back burner. Fortunately Arch, sharing my vision, stepped in to help formulate a game-plan. Later, I came in to collaborate and together we're excited to reveal what we have in store.

I'm going to try and keep this as short as possible but if you don't have the time (or patience), here it is in five sentence or less:

  1. No More Officers.
  2. Guild Members can now do pretty much everything in regards to guild functions and activity.
  3. Arch and Neksis are co-leading the guild.
  4. JUGs is going to be recruiting.
  5. The website is getting a facelift.

Now for those who have a bit more time or have just had their interest piqued, I'll go into a little more detail...

A Changing of the Guard

The biggest change that you are going to see is that the guild will no longer have officers.

While we agree that this is an unconventional approach to running a guild, we believe that a guild made up of pleasant, easy-going adults really doesn't need any significant degree of officiating.

In the past we've made officers of those who we felt contributed more in the way of activities, made them officers and gave them the ability to start missions, etc. What eventually happened was that the guild got divided into two camps: those who had the ability to generate content and those who were waiting for them to do it. Even though everyone had the ability to put events on the Calendar, usually there was just people waiting for an officer to start something. Burnout eventually ensued.

We're not going to do it that way anymore.

Guild members have been granted “the keys to the kingdom,” so to speak and will thus truly be the force that drives the guild forward. Almost all guild privileges are now open to full members of the guild and it will be the collaboration of all members which drives the guild.

This guild is what you bring into it. The enthusiasm you have to game together will be its energy; the respect and sense of community you bring will be its heart.

Two Heads are Better than One

As with any organization, some degree of administration is necessary to make sure the mechanics of the guild continue to run smoothly and be able to adapt as the game evolves.

Arch and I will be taking up this responsibility as co-leaders of the guild.

Over time Arch and I have formed a solid friendship and although there is a great deal of diversity in our personalities, we find that they complement each other quite well. Arch has a more structured and technical approach while I have one that is more esoteric in nature (I believe I'm also fatter and taller).

Together we've hammered out and documented the process and methods the guild will be using. It is important for everyone to read it so as to fully understand what you can expect and what we expect of you as members of this guild: [JUGs] How the Guild is Run

This “sharing of the mantle” to speak will also serve to both capitalize on the synergy between Arch and myself and to avoid the fatigue of having to run the guild single-handedly. Together, we'll bring a great deal more to the table in terms of judgement, timeliness and accessibility.

Be On the Lookout for New Members

JUGs, in an effort to bring fresh blood into the guild will be recruiting again. We're not, however, going to just be bringing just anyone in for the sake of padding our numbers. We'll be making it known in our recruitment posts that we're looking for people who will be active members of this guild.

If they're not going to be creating new content, they'll at least be participating in that of others. They'll be friendly and easy to get along with socially. They'll be great additions to the guild because it's going to be you that decides if they fit in. They'll come aboard as recruits and if you feel they get along and make an effort to be involved with the guild, they're in! If they join us and just do their own thing and and don't interact with the the guild, then "so long" and we wish them well.

We're looking for quality over quantity. A small active guild beats a larger dormant guild any day of the week. In the upper right-hand area of the site you can see who's recently joined. Be sure to look for those folks in game and help them become involved.

Time to Spruce Up the Place

The website, as some of you have observed is getting a bit long in the tooth in regards to it's looks and build. It's going to be getting a fresh look (e.g. new color scheme, logo, etc.). We'll also be streamlining the forums a bit and tweaking the composition so that it's as convenient and intuitive as we can get it.

That's Pretty Much It

Apart from that (a complete overhaul of the guild and all of its components!), not much else is going on. Thanks for taking the time to read it and we look forward to hearing what impressions you have of the new direction we've taken.

Many of these changes are in effect now so, once again please read [JUGs] How the Guild is Run so that you know what's going on.

Thanks and we'll see you in game,

Neksis / Feb 12, 2016

Hi, Neksis here. I just wanted to share with you where I feel we're at and what's in store the guild. I'll do my best to keep it short and I thank you for taking the time and interest to read it.

Our Approach to Running the Guild

With the release of the Heart of Thorns' mechanics and content, the dynamics of the relationship that guilds have with their members has changed. We now have an environment where it's much more convenient for people to be members of multiple guilds and, as a result, guilds who are trying to maintain strict representation policies are really having a hard time of it.

They're finding out what we, pretty much, have always known: the best way to keep people's loyalty isn't by demanding it; it's by earning it. People are going to stick with guilds where they have the most fun and it's with this mindset that we will run this guild.

Guild Events

Our biggest focus is going to be bringing you more scheduled content that we all can run together as a guild. These Guild Events will encompass all types of gameplay ranging from the heavily coordinated and challenging to events which are ultra-casual--who knows? We even might do stuff that's downright silly. Whichever the case, the experience of getting the whole guild and running the game together is unmatched when you're with a good guild. It's why people join guilds in the first place. We plan to bring you more of it.

Our Real Guild Hall

Thanks to your donated materials and efforts, the Guild Hall is really coming together. Just remember that this website is the guild’s real home. Within it we house the guild's past and decide it's future. Whether people are using it to vote on new changes and ideas for the guild or joking around in its chatroom, the website is the nexus for all guild activity outside of the game.

One new feature recently added to the homepage is a Comments/Suggestions box. This allows you to offer any observations or criticisms regarding the guild and even gives you the option of submitting them anonymously--even I won't be able to tell who sent them.

I’ve always strived to make this website a useful, intuitive and content-rich resource and am always looking for ways to improve its convenience to the guild. So please, use this website and take advantage of its content--even if it's to look for new events on the calendar or check personal messages every now and then before hopping into the game.

It's Your Guild

This guild is what you make it and you all have a say in how it's run and where it's headed. Whether it's by voting in polls, making submissions in the Comment/Suggestion box or by contacting one of our Senior Members directly, the opinion and consensus of all guild members is what shapes this guild into what it is and will become.

The reason for this is because it's you that really makes this guild as good as it is. It's the casual, friendly attitude that you share with one another that makes people choose to make our guild their home. No one here carries a chip on their shoulder or is too elitist or self-absorbed to help out another member or include them in their game. The patience and support given to each other during guild missions are qualities I've rarely seen in any other guilds I've been a part of.

I, along with the other leadership of the guild thank you for this and want to assure you we're going to do our best to make this guild as fun for you as you've made it for us.

Thank you and I'll see you in game,

Neksis / Nov 07, 2015

Last night, at an hour that was much later than we had planned, a worn and weary guild finally got its home. Yes, last night, after a prolonged and drawn out battle with logistics and game mechanics--not to mention a whole lot of really tough mobs--we got our guild hall.

The place is definitely a 'fixer-upper.' The floors are cracked, the place is overgrown with weeds, the basement's flooded and there are dents where many people had banged their heads against the wall durning last night's fight.

Other than that, the place is absolutely glorious.

The glory comes from the fact that this place is a testament to the quality of people within this guild. It's a hard-won trophy that we earned through patience and perseverance--but man, taking this thing was a bitch.

Last night we took the largest gathering this guild has seen (70+ members attended the event) onto a massive map where none of us knew our way and tested ourselves against one of the hardest and fastest fights we had ever encountered.

Okay, so we failed that test, but we rallied, put out heads together and came up with a new plan and tested ourselves once again...fine, yeah, we failed that time too. Once again, we got together, analyzed the fight, changed strategy, adjusted formations and strode out to battle but that didn't work either.

By that time we were all a bit tired--well, one of us managed to get some rest--and a bit frustrated. We were old people who were up past our bedtimes and in great danger of becoming cranky. Despite all this, we managed to stay positive, retain our objectivity and with the last of our summoned fortitude and a large degree of downsizing, we ventured back into the fray and, by the skin of our teeth, we won. The guild hall was ours.

So when you hit [G] and click that Guild Hall button to enter our new home, remember those intrepid, battle-weary masses who continuously threw themselves into the fray and then had to re-spawn. Remember those who, despite the mounting frustrations of repeated failure, retained their civility, humor and patience and stuck together in their devotion to the cause.

This hall is a symbol of the friendliness, compassion and utter lack of maturity that this guild has cultivated. Use it and enjoy it.

Here we will rally and take part in many glorious deeds--some of them might actually be successful! Together we will build this hall and, once we establish that unicorns and cat posters aren't available, adorn its interiors. It will grow as we do.

JUGs, after years of waiting, we finally have our guild hall! Welcome home.

Neksis / Oct 31, 2015

On Friday, Nov 6th between 8;00 PM and 10:00PM Central Standard Time, we will be starting the mission to claim our guild hall in Gilded Hollow.

If you are planning to take part in this event, please read this newsletter in its entirety as well as this post about the event.

This is it! We're finally going to to claim the guild hall! Currently we have over forty members who say that they'll be available for the run; we may even have close to fifty--or more!--show up for the event!

Because of the high turnout, the officers in the guild will have their hands full organizing the event. We'll need to see who's actually going to be there; we'll need to see who's playing what class and how best to utilize their abilities; we're also going to be doing our utmost to make sure everyone who's going to be there is prepared so we can get the job done. We're definitely going to need your help.

Here's what you can do to get yourself ready:

Check the Website

Visiting the website, like you're doing right now, is really the biggest thing you can do to prep. Here is where all information regarding the run will be posted and, apart from possible meetings in TS, this is where you’ll be able to ask for help or offer your own insights on the event.

I've created a new forum, specifically for this event, which is filled with maps, links to resource material and will be ‘information central’ in regards to the run. Feel free to comment, share information and ask questions.
It’s vital that we’re all on the same page and you’re not going to be much help if you don’t know what’s going on. I know we’re a casual guild with a relaxed attitude towards the game but, for this event, we need everyone involved and ready by Friday.

The Questionnaire

Just to see where everyone’s at, I’ve created a small, 5 question survey which we will use to see what people are planning to run, how prepared they are already and if they’re actually going to make it to the event.

The questions aren’t to weed people out or discriminate against classes but to best utilize those classes in well-rounded groups and take advantage of the special abilities each class offers.

Regardless of how you answer the survey, if you can say you’re going to be there, you’ll be part of the event. If there’s anything that you need to work on (e.g. a mastery) we’ll make sure that you’ll be ready for the run.

Requirements for the Run

  • Have your local timezone calibrated with the website. Events on the calendar (such as the Guild Hall event) will be shown in your local time if you calibrate it. If the clock on the website (upper left-hand corner) shows your time, you’re all set. If not, here’s a few quick steps to get it set up properly.
  • You must have Teamspeak installed. You don't have to talk so no worries about going through setting up your microphone, you just have to be able to hear. There will be no time for people to type and most guild chat might not be seen either.
  • Have the necessary waypoints unlocked. The Forgotten City Waypoint in Auric Basin is one you’ll need to get to the rally point for the event. We’ll need folks at the barrier by the start of the event and we can’t wait for people who still need to run across the map.
  • Complete the Glider Basics and Bouncing Mushrooms masteries. The map that we’re fighting on is huge--look for yourself!--and we’re going to have a limited time to kill each boss. We need everyone to have the mobility to cover ground as quickly as possible.
  • Have an understanding of what’s in store and what your role is going to be in the event. We’ll work with you to figure out how to best utilize your class and playstyle.
  • Come prepared. Before you show up, make sure you’ve got the right build. Make sure that you equip the right gear. There probably won’t be time for you to go back to your bank to get the sword you wanted or to re-tweak your build.
  • Show respect for the group. Take the event seriously. Don’t show up drunk or stoned. Don’t joke around in Teamspeak while people are trying to get things organized. When the mission is activated, keep idle chatter out of the comms (Teamspeak).


8:00 PM: The event starts. At eight you should be in game and at the [Forgotten City waypoint] in Auric Basin. Make your way to the barrier and mesmers will ferry folks past the barrier if they don’t have Exalted Markings completed.

8:00-8:20 PM: People will join their groups and we'll go over tactics one more time. Questions will be answered and last minute preparations will be made if necessary.

8:20 PM: The mission gets activated. We fight. We win. We party.


Q: I thought this was a casual guild. Why can't we all just show up and run the event like we do with guilds missions?
A: We are a casual guild and we want everyone to enjoy the game and play as they like. This event however, because of our guild’s size is going to be a hard fight. There is a timer and if we don’t get the mobs down before it expires we lose the event. It’s a big event to have fail and it carries much more gravity than a a simple guild mission--this is about our home, for crying out loud!

Q: Why do I have to have certain masteries completed?
A: As mentioned before, this is going to be a huge fight and we’re going to be moving very swiftly across a very large map. We need all of the manpower we can muster and if we have a bunch of stragglers who have to find a way back to the fight it can really make the group suffer.

Q: What happens if I show up late?
A: We really need everyone to be in position on time. We realize that real life can get in the way and, while we’d like to do whatever we can to get you into the fight, it is a timed event and we really can’t slow things down to accommodate latecomers. If you think you might be late, do what you can to get yourself into the fight; having completed Exalted Markings will allow you to get past the barrier. If you can manage a party invite, you might get an invite to the instance (unconfirmed at this time).

Q: Can I play another class besides the one I signed up as?
A: Please don’t. Obviously, we aren’t going to force you to play your game one way or another but since we will be forming parties based on the classes that folks tell us they’re going to play, changing your class at the last minute is going to unravel the hard work that’s already gone into orchestrating this event.

It may seem daunting but with preparation and commitment, we can get this event and win it. There's a lot of effort being made behind the scenes to get everyone ready by the time the event starts. It's going to be the biggest guild event we've had to date and the most guild members ever assembled for an event. It's also going to be a hell of a lot of fun.
Neksis / Oct 27, 2015

Cast Your Vote!

Within a week or so we will venturing out as a guild into the Auric Basin in the Heart of Maguuma to claim or guild hall. When we decide to go is going to be decided by you. We've put up a survey to ask all guild members when they would be available for the run and once the results are tallied, we will set the time and day of the event. If this event is something you might want to be a part of, then please take a few seconds to choose the dates and times you'd be free and enter them on the survey.

IMPORTANT: To be eligible for the run you must have the Guild Wars expansion, Heart of Thorns installed.

If you won't have the expansion purchased by the time we run the event, you won't be able to participate in the run but you will have access to the guild hall once it's been claimed.

About the Survey

  • The survey is located on the homepage of our website, in the upper right-hand corner, just above the Shoutbox. Or, you can find it by clicking the link here.
  • The times are posted in Central Standard Time (GMT-6) so calculate when that would be in your timezone before making your selections.
  • When making your selections, take into consideration that you might want to give yourself a little downtime (e.g. after getting home from work) or prep time before jumping into a huge event.

How to Prepare for the Event

Once we settle on a date and time, it will be posted on the calendar. It is very important that you have your local time calibrated to this website. How can you tell? There's a clock in the upper left-hand corner of the homepage; if it's showing your local time, you're all set. If not, follow the instructions here.

If you haven't already, you really should have the Teamspeak3 client installed and configured (a JUGs guide to Teamspeak can be found in the Guild Library).

IMPORTANT: When the event launches, there will be many people in the Teamspeak channel. It will be very hard for the leader of the run to rally everyone and get them organized (i.e. cat-herding) so please, be respectful and keep casual Teamspeak chatter to a minimum.

The first thing that you must accomplish in-game is the introductory story instance. You’ll need this to be done before you can enter the Verdant Brink. This is a solo-able event but if you’re having problems, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

There will be areas that you encounter during the run which will be impossible to reach without obtaining certain masteries such as Glider Basics and Bouncing Mushrooms. Everyone should have these skills by the time of the event. Another Mastery which would be very helpful is Exalted Markings to get yourself through barriers but these can also be circumvented with the help of Mesmers.

We're Here to Help

In the days leading up to the event, we'll be running scheduled forays into the Heart of Maguuma. We're going to be doing all we can to get folks their glider mastery and possibly their mushroom jumping mastery as well. This will involve running through the new area and finishing events. We will also take people around the new map and will be unlocking waypoints--especially those near the guild hall event.

This is something that this guild has waited years for and the officers and myself are scrambling to get the event to run without a hitch. If you have any questions or suggestions, please post them here so that we can address them. Until then, get ready because we're gonna go get us a guild hall!!

Additional Material

Dulfy's Guild Hall Claiming and Upgrade Guide

A video Arch found of a guild claiming it's hall

Neksis / Oct 20, 2015

So as we wait with bated breath for the release of the first expansion of Guild Wars 2, Heart of Thorns, the question on a lot of people's minds is how, or more importantly...when, is JUGs going to go about claiming a guild hall. Hmmmm?

Well, as some of you have heard me remark in guild chat, we're going to do our utmost to make sure that we can get as many guild members as possible included on the initial event where we claim a guild hall. Since this is a one-time event (as far as we know) we want everyone in the guild to take part. Obviously that's highly improbable but we're gonna do our best to get as many as we can involved...and this, we feel, is worth waiting for.

The way we've decided to find the best date and time to run the event is by holding a poll which will be hosted here, on the homepage of this website. It will be a multiple choice poll where you can select all of the times that would work for you. We will also be letting you chime in how important it is to you that you take part in the event; for some folks who have full schedules and play when they can, missing out won't be that big of a deal, while other folks will be crushed if they don't get to take part. We'll be taking that into consideration as well.

We want maximum participation as well as a high level of enthusiasm to make this one-time event memorable. We'll also be recording this so make sure you've put on clean clothes!

When the poll gets posted it will be up for about a week. After that, we'll be looking at the results and then scheduling the event. We'll alert you when the poll is up via PM's on this site, the guild's in-game Message of the Day as well as a pop-up message in Teamspeak. I'm sure the officers will be spamming it in guild-chat as well.

So keep your eyes peeled for the poll and let your voice be heard. Hopefully, we'll see you there as we claim our guild hall!!

~ Neksis

Neksis / Apr 01, 2015

After seeing how much fun the roleplaying guilds on Tarnished Coast have, I've decided that it would be a great play-style for JUGs as well.

We already have some degree of roleplaying; people yell at their pets and I have noticed an inordinate amount of dancing in Divinity's reach as of late--you know who you are.

So for those unfamiliar with the roleplay environment, the most important thing to remember is to stay in character. For those who don't know what I mean, here's how it works:

When greeting other guild members greet them in character as if you are your 'toon and you're meeting theirs. This is the core of roleplaying and it will give you so much more immersion into the game--er, I mean the real world of Tyria.

This is not only how you should greet and communicate with other players as well as the NPC's in the game. Yes, you are expected to greet the NPC's as you come across them--after all, they're real people too and they deserve just as much respect.

Here's an example of dialog you might have:

"Hail proud Wolfie Blitz and fair Helova Dragonsbane, how did thee fare during the guild's missions in the field? I trust you slept well?"


"Pray thee take pity on poor Ritterherz. He has become deranged with bitterness because of the poor military command in the Edge of the Mists."


"Harumph! Just because April has arrived and the air has warmed, is no reason to dance while so scantily clad; what fools these folks be." get the idea.

So folks, remember what you learned in drama class and reach into your actor's toolboxes because it's time to get your roleplay on!!!

Fare thee well, fellow guild-folk, fare thee well.

~ Neksis
Neksis / Mar 09, 2015

First of all, as this guild's leader, I have to say that I couldn't be happier with the way this guild is running. Those of us that have been here a while know what a turnaround for the better this guild has had. This is the healthiest and strongest this guild has ever been and it's because of everyone's involvement--even the folks who have just joined--that makes this guild so much fun to be a part of.

While everyone makes this guild what it is, I have to give credit where credit is due. I have to thank those members who, despite all signs that the guild was taking on water and might be lost, remained steadfast and kept it from sinking. These folks, many of whom now act as officers (Senior Members) maintained that this guild was worth fighting for, despite the fact that much of the leadership--myself included--had given up. It was they who helped pick the guild up, me along with it (I was pretty crestfallen at the time), and get us both back on our feet. They all signed up to share the burden when I stated that I no longer had the time or energy to shoulder it myself. More importantly they inspired me to see that my original vision for the guild was the best one. Thank you for that. I can't say it enough.

So, with the hope that knowing our backstory might bring you more connection with our guild, here's what brought us where we are now...

What Went Wrong

"Looking to be in an uber-elite hardcore guild? Neither are we.

Just Us Grown Ups [JUGs] is a brand-new, casual, community-minded, PvE-oriented guild (possible PvP if enough interest) that is looking for mature players (30+ is ideal) who just want to enjoy the game in a fun, stress-free social environment. We encourage a good sense of humor as well as respect."

That's the opening of the very first recruitment post I ever made for this guild. I wrote it over two years ago because I felt that, if you held to that standard, the guild would pretty much run itself. I was new to running a guild (JUGs is my first as leader) and was full of optimism but didn't have that much wisdom to support it.

As people joined the guild, slowly and surely, they brought with them their idea of how guilds should be run. Being new to the guild leader business, I heeded their advice. It was all very good advice but I see now that it may not always have been the best advice when compared to what I originally had envisioned for my guild. I got so enamoured with seeing my guild grow that I didn't really pay much attention to what it was growing into. I just cared about the guild being 'great.'

I got caught up in micromanaging the guild and lost sight of it's original concept (just a bunch of people having fun playing a game together). Officers, sometimes reluctantly, were assigned 'roles' in the guild (e.g. Lead Dungeoneer, WvW Battlemaster, etc.). Activities were tirelessly planned and implemented--often with a lacklustre reception from the rest of the guild. We recruited, stating that we did it all: WvW, Dungeons, Fractals...anything you could want in a guild. Many people joined the guild and many people, not finding the participation level they were hoping for, left.

I grew disillusioned with and sometimes resentful of the people in the guild. I had built a website with all the bells and whistles; I paid for a voice server; I even tried implementing a Mentor system with an automated way of responding to help requests, none of which were used to any great degree--"what more, for chrissakes" I asked myself," do these people want??"

Eventually there was division among the ranks. Some of the officers, many of whom were advanced players, stopped interacting with the rest of the guild and ended up playing the game amongst themselves. They still did their part for the guild but had definitely set themselves apart from the main population. They grew disillusioned with the activity level of the guild as well as my strength as a leader (during that time I was usually just the comedy relief). Resentment grew among both sides and drama started to rear its ugly head.

Ask anyone who's ever run a guild: DRAMA IS THE #1 KILLER OF GUILDS. Guilds can be strong enough to weather flagging game content but if drama occurs and you're not quick with a fire extinguisher, it's usually game over. It almost was for us.

When I asked myself, "What more do these people want?" The answer was (and is) that adults, enjoying the recreation of a video game during their spare time, just want to enjoy the game amongst their peers and not be made to feel like a stranger in their own guild. These were people who took a chance on my guild and joined to be an active part of it it; not anonymous cattle to be herded into random activities and then ignored the rest of the time. I had lost sight of this because I was focussing on the guild but not the people.

I wanted a website that was bustling with activity; I wanted WvW zergs made up of Jug-Heads; I wanted an event calendar brimming with people signing up for events and I wanted to see new guild applications pouring in; I wanted a 'great' guild and this is what I had thought that it took.

What I ended up with, however, was disillusionment with the guild along with deep sense of failure and guilt regarding my lack of effectiveness as a leader.

This, paired with internal drama and the sudden death of one of our most beloved members, was more than the guild could take.

The guild went through the ringer and, as a testament to those members who hung in there and rallied to save it, came out the other side, battle-scarred and weary...but alive.

A Lesson Learned

... a casual, community-minded, PvE-oriented guild...who just want to enjoy the game in a fun, stress-free social environment."

That's all we ever needed to be. If I had never moved my sights beyond that, there's a good chance none if this would have ever happened.

There's really no point, however, in wallowing in regret. The guild, strengthened by its scars and a new foundation, forges on. I have emerged for the better as well; I'm now a wiser and more seasoned guild leader who, because of what I almost lost, offers nothing less than my full devotion to this guild.

If we adhere to that simple of standard of fun, community and respect, all of the other activity that had placed so much value on it, will occur naturally. With a collection of like-minded individuals, such as what we have now, any participation and interactivity within the guild will happen because people will actually want to, not because they were told to. This theory has been proven and tested by all of you who are here now.

I have always maintained that the quality of a guild should never be based on its size or skill level but by how much people enjoy being a member. It's by this tenet alone that our guild will ultimately be driven. That's a promise.

So, after all of the trials and tribulations, here we are now: all members of a great guild.