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JUGs Is Now A Roleplay Guild !!

Neksis / Apr 01, 2015

After seeing how much fun the roleplaying guilds on Tarnished Coast have, I've decided that it would be a great play-style for JUGs as well.

We already have some degree of roleplaying; people yell at their pets and I have noticed an inordinate amount of dancing in Divinity's reach as of late--you know who you are.

So for those unfamiliar with the roleplay environment, the most important thing to remember is to stay in character. For those who don't know what I mean, here's how it works:

When greeting other guild members greet them in character as if you are your 'toon and you're meeting theirs. This is the core of roleplaying and it will give you so much more immersion into the game--er, I mean the real world of Tyria.

This is not only how you should greet and communicate with other players as well as the NPC's in the game. Yes, you are expected to greet the NPC's as you come across them--after all, they're real people too and they deserve just as much respect.

Here's an example of dialog you might have:

"Hail proud Wolfie Blitz and fair Helova Dragonsbane, how did thee fare during the guild's missions in the field? I trust you slept well?"


"Pray thee take pity on poor Ritterherz. He has become deranged with bitterness because of the poor military command in the Edge of the Mists."


"Harumph! Just because April has arrived and the air has warmed, is no reason to dance while so scantily clad; what fools these folks be." get the idea.

So folks, remember what you learned in drama class and reach into your actor's toolboxes because it's time to get your roleplay on!!!

Fare thee well, fellow guild-folk, fare thee well.

~ Neksis

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