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[JUGs] and Heart of Thorns...WE'RE GONNA GET A GUILD HALL!! ...but When?

Neksis / Oct 20, 2015

So as we wait with bated breath for the release of the first expansion of Guild Wars 2, Heart of Thorns, the question on a lot of people's minds is how, or more importantly...when, is JUGs going to go about claiming a guild hall. Hmmmm?

Well, as some of you have heard me remark in guild chat, we're going to do our utmost to make sure that we can get as many guild members as possible included on the initial event where we claim a guild hall. Since this is a one-time event (as far as we know) we want everyone in the guild to take part. Obviously that's highly improbable but we're gonna do our best to get as many as we can involved...and this, we feel, is worth waiting for.

The way we've decided to find the best date and time to run the event is by holding a poll which will be hosted here, on the homepage of this website. It will be a multiple choice poll where you can select all of the times that would work for you. We will also be letting you chime in how important it is to you that you take part in the event; for some folks who have full schedules and play when they can, missing out won't be that big of a deal, while other folks will be crushed if they don't get to take part. We'll be taking that into consideration as well.

We want maximum participation as well as a high level of enthusiasm to make this one-time event memorable. We'll also be recording this so make sure you've put on clean clothes!

When the poll gets posted it will be up for about a week. After that, we'll be looking at the results and then scheduling the event. We'll alert you when the poll is up via PM's on this site, the guild's in-game Message of the Day as well as a pop-up message in Teamspeak. I'm sure the officers will be spamming it in guild-chat as well.

So keep your eyes peeled for the poll and let your voice be heard. Hopefully, we'll see you there as we claim our guild hall!!

~ Neksis



Elegant solution :)
Will there be roleplaying? I think roleplaying would be awesome!

Helova Dragonsbane: You shall die mordrem scum! We will hang your heads on poles outside our hall as a message to your master! Beware Archranis! *smashes head of modrem wolf with hilt of greatsword* This foul beast tried to sneak up on you my friend, because THEY ARE COWARDS! *leaps into the fray again while laughing madly* Toxicmuffins! To my side! We will cut them down like weeds! Behind us our valiant leader! We will clear the way for you and your minions!
Yes there will be roleplaying. "Be gone foul-mouthed slattern wench!" Return to thy office-cubicle from which you spawned!!"
To whom are you referring? Surely it is not me, for this hot wench doth have her own office, not a foul evil cubicle.
"Silence succubus!!, flee before I mount my aluminum winged-steed and rain down a hell of overly-salted-snacks and sugary beverages!!"
Well, since I'm a princess... Karic, I think he called you a succubus. Are you just gonna take that?

Overly salted snacks....are the chocolate and roundish shaped.. Sorry, Southpark was my first thought.

Well I can't exactly deny the accusation. To my my dreadstead Unihorny!
We need a drawring!
My work here is done
You guys are out of control.
Well! This clearrrrrrrrrly is going to be fun! bwahahaha
Wow are really old!

Out of control? Was there ever control?
I don't think that drawing is safe for anyone.
I'm almost glad imgur was over capacity when I clicked...
Not safe? I'm not seeing the problem here. LOL
Admitting you love my work is the first step
I am soooo excited! not about the wenches, succubus' or unihorns, the guild hall!