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Neksis / Oct 31, 2015

On Friday, Nov 6th between 8;00 PM and 10:00PM Central Standard Time, we will be starting the mission to claim our guild hall in Gilded Hollow.

If you are planning to take part in this event, please read this newsletter in its entirety as well as this post about the event.

This is it! We're finally going to to claim the guild hall! Currently we have over forty members who say that they'll be available for the run; we may even have close to fifty--or more!--show up for the event!

Because of the high turnout, the officers in the guild will have their hands full organizing the event. We'll need to see who's actually going to be there; we'll need to see who's playing what class and how best to utilize their abilities; we're also going to be doing our utmost to make sure everyone who's going to be there is prepared so we can get the job done. We're definitely going to need your help.

Here's what you can do to get yourself ready:

Check the Website

Visiting the website, like you're doing right now, is really the biggest thing you can do to prep. Here is where all information regarding the run will be posted and, apart from possible meetings in TS, this is where you’ll be able to ask for help or offer your own insights on the event.

I've created a new forum, specifically for this event, which is filled with maps, links to resource material and will be ‘information central’ in regards to the run. Feel free to comment, share information and ask questions.
It’s vital that we’re all on the same page and you’re not going to be much help if you don’t know what’s going on. I know we’re a casual guild with a relaxed attitude towards the game but, for this event, we need everyone involved and ready by Friday.

The Questionnaire

Just to see where everyone’s at, I’ve created a small, 5 question survey which we will use to see what people are planning to run, how prepared they are already and if they’re actually going to make it to the event.

The questions aren’t to weed people out or discriminate against classes but to best utilize those classes in well-rounded groups and take advantage of the special abilities each class offers.

Regardless of how you answer the survey, if you can say you’re going to be there, you’ll be part of the event. If there’s anything that you need to work on (e.g. a mastery) we’ll make sure that you’ll be ready for the run.

Requirements for the Run

  • Have your local timezone calibrated with the website. Events on the calendar (such as the Guild Hall event) will be shown in your local time if you calibrate it. If the clock on the website (upper left-hand corner) shows your time, you’re all set. If not, here’s a few quick steps to get it set up properly.
  • You must have Teamspeak installed. You don't have to talk so no worries about going through setting up your microphone, you just have to be able to hear. There will be no time for people to type and most guild chat might not be seen either.
  • Have the necessary waypoints unlocked. The Forgotten City Waypoint in Auric Basin is one you’ll need to get to the rally point for the event. We’ll need folks at the barrier by the start of the event and we can’t wait for people who still need to run across the map.
  • Complete the Glider Basics and Bouncing Mushrooms masteries. The map that we’re fighting on is huge--look for yourself!--and we’re going to have a limited time to kill each boss. We need everyone to have the mobility to cover ground as quickly as possible.
  • Have an understanding of what’s in store and what your role is going to be in the event. We’ll work with you to figure out how to best utilize your class and playstyle.
  • Come prepared. Before you show up, make sure you’ve got the right build. Make sure that you equip the right gear. There probably won’t be time for you to go back to your bank to get the sword you wanted or to re-tweak your build.
  • Show respect for the group. Take the event seriously. Don’t show up drunk or stoned. Don’t joke around in Teamspeak while people are trying to get things organized. When the mission is activated, keep idle chatter out of the comms (Teamspeak).


8:00 PM: The event starts. At eight you should be in game and at the [Forgotten City waypoint] in Auric Basin. Make your way to the barrier and mesmers will ferry folks past the barrier if they don’t have Exalted Markings completed.

8:00-8:20 PM: People will join their groups and we'll go over tactics one more time. Questions will be answered and last minute preparations will be made if necessary.

8:20 PM: The mission gets activated. We fight. We win. We party.


Q: I thought this was a casual guild. Why can't we all just show up and run the event like we do with guilds missions?
A: We are a casual guild and we want everyone to enjoy the game and play as they like. This event however, because of our guild’s size is going to be a hard fight. There is a timer and if we don’t get the mobs down before it expires we lose the event. It’s a big event to have fail and it carries much more gravity than a a simple guild mission--this is about our home, for crying out loud!

Q: Why do I have to have certain masteries completed?
A: As mentioned before, this is going to be a huge fight and we’re going to be moving very swiftly across a very large map. We need all of the manpower we can muster and if we have a bunch of stragglers who have to find a way back to the fight it can really make the group suffer.

Q: What happens if I show up late?
A: We really need everyone to be in position on time. We realize that real life can get in the way and, while we’d like to do whatever we can to get you into the fight, it is a timed event and we really can’t slow things down to accommodate latecomers. If you think you might be late, do what you can to get yourself into the fight; having completed Exalted Markings will allow you to get past the barrier. If you can manage a party invite, you might get an invite to the instance (unconfirmed at this time).

Q: Can I play another class besides the one I signed up as?
A: Please don’t. Obviously, we aren’t going to force you to play your game one way or another but since we will be forming parties based on the classes that folks tell us they’re going to play, changing your class at the last minute is going to unravel the hard work that’s already gone into orchestrating this event.

It may seem daunting but with preparation and commitment, we can get this event and win it. There's a lot of effort being made behind the scenes to get everyone ready by the time the event starts. It's going to be the biggest guild event we've had to date and the most guild members ever assembled for an event. It's also going to be a hell of a lot of fun.


Mar Aphaek
I realised after taking the survey, that you wanted to start immediately at 8pm CST. I indicated that I was fairly sure I'd be able to make it. Though I will be able to make it within that time period of 8pm-10pm CST, the earliest I could make it would be 9pm CST.

What I'm saying is, don't wait up for me just because of my survey response. =P I'd love to make it, but if I can't, I'll still hop in TS and cheer from the sidelines =D

So excited for the new guild hall!
Silver Fox
I signed up for claiming the Guild Hall but just found out my daughter and granddaughter will be arriving at the same time, so I won't be able to make it.
I play my best when drunk, but I guess I can spare a night of sobriety for the team even though it might gimp is a little bit. ;)
I wish I could have helped on this first attempt! But work interferes. And I am running away to the ocean for 4 days, so will have to watch the outcome in the posts. Have fun!
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