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State of the Guild Address 2016

Neksis / Feb 12, 2016

Hi, Neksis here. I just wanted to share with you where I feel we're at and what's in store the guild. I'll do my best to keep it short and I thank you for taking the time and interest to read it.

Our Approach to Running the Guild

With the release of the Heart of Thorns' mechanics and content, the dynamics of the relationship that guilds have with their members has changed. We now have an environment where it's much more convenient for people to be members of multiple guilds and, as a result, guilds who are trying to maintain strict representation policies are really having a hard time of it.

They're finding out what we, pretty much, have always known: the best way to keep people's loyalty isn't by demanding it; it's by earning it. People are going to stick with guilds where they have the most fun and it's with this mindset that we will run this guild.

Guild Events

Our biggest focus is going to be bringing you more scheduled content that we all can run together as a guild. These Guild Events will encompass all types of gameplay ranging from the heavily coordinated and challenging to events which are ultra-casual--who knows? We even might do stuff that's downright silly. Whichever the case, the experience of getting the whole guild and running the game together is unmatched when you're with a good guild. It's why people join guilds in the first place. We plan to bring you more of it.

Our Real Guild Hall

Thanks to your donated materials and efforts, the Guild Hall is really coming together. Just remember that this website is the guild’s real home. Within it we house the guild's past and decide it's future. Whether people are using it to vote on new changes and ideas for the guild or joking around in its chatroom, the website is the nexus for all guild activity outside of the game.

One new feature recently added to the homepage is a Comments/Suggestions box. This allows you to offer any observations or criticisms regarding the guild and even gives you the option of submitting them anonymously--even I won't be able to tell who sent them.

I’ve always strived to make this website a useful, intuitive and content-rich resource and am always looking for ways to improve its convenience to the guild. So please, use this website and take advantage of its content--even if it's to look for new events on the calendar or check personal messages every now and then before hopping into the game.

It's Your Guild

This guild is what you make it and you all have a say in how it's run and where it's headed. Whether it's by voting in polls, making submissions in the Comment/Suggestion box or by contacting one of our Senior Members directly, the opinion and consensus of all guild members is what shapes this guild into what it is and will become.

The reason for this is because it's you that really makes this guild as good as it is. It's the casual, friendly attitude that you share with one another that makes people choose to make our guild their home. No one here carries a chip on their shoulder or is too elitist or self-absorbed to help out another member or include them in their game. The patience and support given to each other during guild missions are qualities I've rarely seen in any other guilds I've been a part of.

I, along with the other leadership of the guild thank you for this and want to assure you we're going to do our best to make this guild as fun for you as you've made it for us.

Thank you and I'll see you in game,


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My fiance and I are just coming back to gw2 from a little absence :) I am still SO thankful for this wonderful guild, and that you didn't drop us from roster due to inactivity! We are casual gamers that will pop between games at times. I look forward to seeing more of the old faces, and meeting new ones......this is still BEST guild in the game. We did end up getting HoT, so yes.....I know I'm going to need help getting those mastery's :P
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