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JUGs 2016 -- The REBOOT!!

Neksis / Oct 18, 2016

Hi folks. Neksis here,

This is a pivotal time for the guild and while lately things may seem to be “business as usual,” there has actually been a lot going on behind the scenes in regards to planning and implementing a new direction for our guild.

Before my “life-induced” hiatus, some of you may recall that I had announced that there was going to be a major restructure of the guild. As it turned out, moving to a new house and other factors forced me to put things guild-related on the back burner. Fortunately Arch, sharing my vision, stepped in to help formulate a game-plan. Later, I came in to collaborate and together we're excited to reveal what we have in store.

I'm going to try and keep this as short as possible but if you don't have the time (or patience), here it is in five sentence or less:

  1. No More Officers.
  2. Guild Members can now do pretty much everything in regards to guild functions and activity.
  3. Arch and Neksis are co-leading the guild.
  4. JUGs is going to be recruiting.
  5. The website is getting a facelift.

Now for those who have a bit more time or have just had their interest piqued, I'll go into a little more detail...

A Changing of the Guard

The biggest change that you are going to see is that the guild will no longer have officers.

While we agree that this is an unconventional approach to running a guild, we believe that a guild made up of pleasant, easy-going adults really doesn't need any significant degree of officiating.

In the past we've made officers of those who we felt contributed more in the way of activities, made them officers and gave them the ability to start missions, etc. What eventually happened was that the guild got divided into two camps: those who had the ability to generate content and those who were waiting for them to do it. Even though everyone had the ability to put events on the Calendar, usually there was just people waiting for an officer to start something. Burnout eventually ensued.

We're not going to do it that way anymore.

Guild members have been granted “the keys to the kingdom,” so to speak and will thus truly be the force that drives the guild. Almost all guild privileges are now open to full members of the guild and it will be the collaboration of all members which moves the guild forward.

This guild is what you bring into it. The enthusiasm you have to game together will be its energy; the respect and sense of community you bring will be its heart.

Two Heads are Better than One

As with any organization, some degree of administration is necessary to make sure the mechanics of the guild continue to run smoothly and be able to adapt as the game evolves.

Arch and I will be taking up this responsibility as co-leaders of the guild.

Over time Arch and I have formed a solid friendship and although there is a great deal of diversity in our personalities, we find that they complement each other quite well. Arch has a more structured and technical approach while I have one that is more aesthetic in nature (I believe I'm also fatter and taller).

Together we've hammered out and documented the process and methods the guild will be using. It is important for everyone to read it so as to fully understand what you can expect and what we expect of you as members of this guild: [JUGs] How the Guild is Run

This “sharing of the mantle” to speak will also serve to both capitalize on the synergy between Arch and myself and to avoid the fatigue of having to run the guild single-handedly. Together, we'll bring a great deal more to the table in terms of judgement, timeliness and accessibility.

Be On the Lookout for New Members

JUGs, in an effort to bring fresh blood into the guild will be recruiting again. We're not, however, going to just be bringing just anyone in for the sake of padding our numbers. We'll be making it known in our recruitment posts that we're looking for people who will be active members of this guild.

If they're not going to be creating new content, they'll at least be participating in that of others. They'll be friendly and easy to get along with socially. They'll be great additions to the guild because it's going to be you that decides if they fit in. They'll come aboard as recruits and if you feel they get along and make an effort to be involved with the guild, they're in! If they join us and just do their own thing and and don't interact with the the guild, then "so long" and we wish them well.

We're looking for quality over quantity. A small active guild beats a larger dormant guild any day of the week. In the upper right-hand area of the site you can see who's recently joined. Be sure to look for those folks in game and help them become involved.

Time to Spruce Up the Place

The website, as some of you have observed is getting a bit long in the tooth in regards to it's looks and build. It's going to be getting a fresh look (e.g. new color scheme, logo, etc.). We'll also be streamlining the forums a bit and tweaking the composition so that it's as convenient and intuitive as we can get it.

That's Pretty Much It

Apart from that (a complete overhaul of the guild and all of its components!), not much else is going on. Thanks for taking the time to read it and we look forward to hearing what impressions you have of the new direction we've taken.

Many of these changes are in effect now so, once again please read [JUGs] How the Guild is Run so that you know what's going on.

Thanks and we'll see you in game,



Arch and I both look forward to hearing your take on the direction JUGs is taking.

Feel free to share any comments or insight here!
Sir Iceman

Just to add a bit to your post. Perhaps my thoughts might help some of our other members be more open to starting events. I joined this guild to run adventures with some like minded folks who just wanted to enjoy our shared gaming hobby. Unfortunately I came in during that lull in the guild activities. Faced with the choice of staying bored with solo play or taking charge of my gaming destiny, I chose to post an event to see if I was alone in never doing the Dungeon Stories. As luck would have it, several guild members signed on. Over the past few months we've managed to build friendships and have loads of fun along the way. I really look forward to our weekly adventures.

As the 'New kid in Town', yes I was listening to Hotel California in the car this morning ;) it seemed at the time to be quite a stretch to try to gather "Perfect Strangers" (yes megga DP fan here) in hopes of doing some content together. But there really isn't any difficulty in starting something. As long as the point is to have fun with other guild mates. The dungeon stories were a perfect intro, since they were pretty much scripted. This allowed us to build a team chemistry without too much worry about what we were trying to accomplish.

The point I'm hoping to make is, don't be shy, if you really want to do stuff, POST IT! You might be surprised to find others that want to do it too. Do not worry that you are not a Power Gamer, you don't have to be. Lord knows I'm not! Just be willing to raise your virtual hand and ask who wants to follow you in a fun adventure. There's allot of great folks here in this guild, we all just need to get out and meet them.

Mike ( Iceman )
Tres Xxx
I think the guild, and the game itself, faces challenges. Even though this is my only guild, I am registered on websites for other guilds and their forums seem to suggest the same enthusiasm issues that I detect in JUGS. There are other indicators one can use to infer general game trends and, imo, they all show down.
With that said:
• I enjoy the freedom of a zerg.
• The correlation coefficient of my playing time vs time of day is -1.
• Is WvW a possibility?
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