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About Our Guild

As a guild comprised of adults, having to moderate social behavior shouldn’t really be necessary. We know how to act. We’ve all obtained a level of social etiquette and common sense and should be able to interact with other guild members and outside players without unnecessary drama. Still, as a matter of redundancy and to clear out any confusion or grey areas, a list of rules must be established.

At all times, the personal rights of others as well as their right to enjoy playing the game must be respected.
  • You may not defraud other players or guild-members.
  • You may not harass, threaten or cause distress to other guild-members or players.
  • You may not solicit other guild-members by attempting to recruit them into a business venture or religious indoctrination.
  • You may not share or any personal information about another player without that person’s consent.
  • You must, at all times, demonstrate respect and tolerance for any guild-member’s race, religious beliefs, politics, sexual orientation, parenting methods or any aspect of their personal lifestyle. Bigots and hate-mongers are not welcome in our guild.
If, for some reason, a minor comes into a chat channel--whether it’s voice or text based--you may not knowingly expose that minor to material that is unsuitable to a person of their age.

You may not use the guild or its website to violate any local, state, national, or international laws or regulations.

You may not post illegal or pornographic images on our website.

You must comply at all times with ArenaNet’s policies with regard to the Game. Being in violation of their policies can bring unfavorable attention to our guild and it’s members.
  • The purchasing of gold through any channels other than ArenaNet’s in-game system (i.e. the Black Lion Trading Company) is strictly forbidden. Much of the gold sold by gold farmers is obtained from hacked accounts and other illicit systems.
  • The use of bots (third-party programs) to play, gather gold, level or post messages is forbidden.
  • The use of racial or sexual slurs, profanity, or any type of lewd or hate-based comments towards other players is forbidden in game.

You may not use our guild or its members to recruit for another guild.
  • It's a clear conflict of interest and can only serve as a detriment to our guild.
  • If you're a member of JUGs and want to start your own guild, you must first resign from this guild.
  • If you're a member of our guild and also a guild leader/officer of another small personal guild (e.g. old friends) that's fine, but if any effort is being made on your part to restart or grow the other guild, you'll also have to leave this guild first

We want to create a ‘hands-off’ environment where adults are trusted to behave themselves. We do trust you. If you, however, are found to be in violation of any of these rules you will be removed from the guild.