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About Our Guild
[JUGs] Guild Representation Policy

Here at Just Us Grownups, we believe that if you create a guild environment that people want to stay in, there's no need to have a 100% representation (rep) requirement; people will end up repping the guild on their own accord.

We're a casual PvE guild and we don't place emphasis on any one specific game activity, because of this, we understand if our members want to join other guilds which specialize in specific game content (e.g. PvP, WvW, world bosses,etc). We also acknowledge that people like to create their own pesonal guilds, whether it be for additional bank storage or something they created with a small group of friends.

We have no problem with our members also repping these guilds.One caveat, however, is that we ask that while you are participating in any activity with any other members of our guild, you represent us. If you are running an event with a different guild, you should rep them--it's really common courtesy.

Another thing to take into consideration is that, if we notice that a significant amount of time has passed (i.e. weeks or months) and it seems like you never represent our guild, we'll assume that you really don't think much of it and you will probably get kicked from the guild. If kicked, you will be mailed an in-game message stating why you were kicked and will be given the option to re-join [JUGs] if you like. We do this not for the sake of being petulant but becasue we have a set cap on our guild's population and we don't want to waste any slots on people who have no interest in being an active member of our guild.

We believe this to be an fair and unrestrictive policy and appreciate you, as a member, adhering to it.