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About Our Guild

We re a very casual PvX guild catering to older gamers who just want to play Guild Wars 2 in a fun and drama free environment.

We have a very inclusive membership and would prefer to be only a small guild that runs together as friends rather than a huge guild which is nothing more than a bunch of separate cliques.
We have a solid core group of players who are friendly and have a good head on their shoulders. We cater to both men and women, provided that they bring a good personality, a decent--or indecent--sense of humor and not their drama.

Oh boy do we hate drama.

We are an adult guild and therefore we have adult conversations We don t constantly use profanity but we also don't censor it either. We don' t enforce 'political correctness' but will refuse to deal with bigoted abusive or obnoxious members.

We prefer but don t require using voice chat when we re logged in--we're not necessarily chatterboxes, we just prefer it to typing..

The guild is run with a hands off approach and most matters in the guild are handled by vote.

We don t make demands or requirements of our membership other than you have fun enjoy our company obey our Code of Conduct and represent us by wearing our tag when you re running with us.

We realize that real life always comes first and that you can t always spend as much time with the game as you d like

... we're here when you can.