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About Our Guild


Use discretion when talking about your personal life. While we're all nice people who would lend a sympathetic ear, we're a gaming guild; not a support group. We are a pool of collected wisdom so if you just need a bit of advice or maybe a bit of sympathy--fair enough. Just remember that this is everyone's recreational time and too much insight into someone's personal life can make folks feel awkward, uncomfortable or downright depressed. We're here to escape real life; please don't consistently drag us back into it.


Nobody cares who you voted for; if you prefer boys or girls; who--if any--is your deity of choice and what opinions of other people's life choices In fact, any discussion of sex, religion or politics is taboo in this guild. Conventional wisdom has found that these type conversations usually end up breeding resentment and possible division among members of the guild (it's happened). Even the debate of whether cats or dogs are superior is to be avoided--only because it's a redundant argument; the answer is obviously dogs. I mean cats. No, dogs. Ooo look, shinies! :)


While we all hope your enjoying the meal, we can do without the audio. Be courteous when consuming food if you can't do it silently; please mute or move your mic away from your face when your eating. This goes for belching and coughing fits as well. Just the sweet, dulcet tones of your voice is more than enough for us, thank you very much.


Profanity is allowed but please keep it in check. Excessive swearing tends to create an ugly tone and can make others uncomfortable.Someone who habitually uses profanity (i.e. can’t form a sentence without it) in regular chat channels may find themselves being shown the door.


We all like a laugh but please treat your fellow members as friends and not your audience. We like you for your personality, not your schtick. We all enjoy jokes and funny stories but remember that some folks in the guild might not have sensibilities that are durable as yours and could be put off or offended.


Discord and Guild Chat are no places to argue, complain about what pisses you off or air your dirty laundry. If you have a problem or conflict with another member, please use private channels (e.g. PM's or whispers) to resolve it. If no resolution can be found and you'd like a third party to weigh in or mediate, please contact a Senior Member. You wouldn't be a crybaby or a snitch; you'd just be protecting the social environment of the guild.


Please don't hang out in the Lobby section of our Discord when you're intoxicated. You could be loaded and feeling happy and brimming with cheer but chances are you're driving everyone else in the channel up the wall. If you're lit and want to have a party with some guildies, create your own sub-channel. If no one wants to join you, they probably don't want to talk to a drunk person. Sorry.


Under no circumstance are children allowed in our Discord/Voice channel for any extended period of time. If you want to put them on for a second or two to say hi to everyone, that's fine. Having them on for more than a minute is not allowed. This decision is made out of courtesy for our membership but more importantly, out of consideration for the welfare of the child.


Access to our Discord/Voice servers or login information is not to be given out to anyone not registered as a member or recruit of our guild.


While we believe everyone should find love, our guild is just not the avenue to pursue it. This is a gaming guild, not a dating site. We have no problem with two guild members hitting it off, it's just that outside channels (e.g. email, Facebook) should be used to develop their relationship and not our guild. Please be aware that any obvious flirting or overt attention towards another member will be viewed as possible harassment. If any of the attention is to be found unwelcome, you will receive a warning and/or kicked.