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(Aug 06, 2019)
You can deposit items in the guild bank again.
(Aug 04, 2019)
ANet temporarily disabled item deposit in guild banks. I just tried, and it appears to still be locked.
(Aug 02, 2019)
There are daily sales for the month of August, so remember to look if you are waiting for something.
(Jul 18, 2019)
We have space for at least 1 more for this evenings Fractals. Come sign up and see what the fuss is all about
(Jun 11, 2019)
Thanks to everyone who has extended welcome & congratz to Gridt & myself. A personal msg will be coming from us soon! <3 <3
(Jun 10, 2019)
Spooky. Was thinking about Neksis and Arch just yesterday. Very excited to hear Gridt and Zalddi will be stepping up. Congrats guys :)
(Jun 10, 2019)
Cheers to Gridt & Zalddi for stepping up to replace our stellar but retiring leaders Neksis & Arch.
(May 13, 2019)
Could use a few more for Arah P3 this week. Would like to see 2 teams if possible
(May 04, 2019)
May the 4th be with you!
(Apr 22, 2019)
(Apr 04, 2019)
We have room for more on 2nd team for Fractals tonight
(Apr 04, 2019)
Dungeon running is a lot of fun. Thanks again to all who came out last night.
(Apr 03, 2019)
Thank you for another fun night of dungeoneering!
(Mar 10, 2019)
Don't forget System Reset will be later if/when your location begins Daylight Savings Time.
(Mar 06, 2019)
Running late today! >_<
(Jan 09, 2019)
(Jan 08, 2019)
1/8/19 download 1.3G
(Jan 01, 2019)
Happy New Year to all and may 2019 bring us all precursors, joy, laughter.
(Dec 28, 2018)
Shared inventory slots and copper-fed salvage-o-matic are 25% off.
(Dec 24, 2018)
Merry Christmas, Joyeux Noel, Nollaig Shona! Wishing a safe and happy holidays to everyone at JUGs. See you all in the new year