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(Dec 16, 2017)
I tought Last jedi was good. it's not perfect and maybe a little too long, but I enjoyed it a lot!
(Dec 14, 2017)
Thanks to all for coming out for Dungeons last night. 4 teams was fantastic. Hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Please come back again!
(Dec 08, 2017)
Wintersday returns on Tuesday, Dec 12, and runs through Jan2
(Nov 28, 2017)
in addition to hte keyring, the changes to fractals seem promising
(Nov 28, 2017)
Patch is live! We get a keyring finally!!!
(Nov 24, 2017)
Thanks to Arch for stepping in and running the 2nd team for Fractals. Hope all the new guildies enjoyed the Event! Come back again next time.
(Nov 23, 2017)
happy thanksgsgiving everyone!
(Nov 23, 2017)
happy thanksgiving! so thankful to be a part of this guild! you all are the best!
(Nov 23, 2017)
Happy stretchy pants day y'all!
(Nov 23, 2017)
Happy Thanksgiving to all my US guild mates! Enjoy the holiday
(Nov 23, 2017)
Free items in gem store Nov 23-25
(Nov 22, 2017)
Happy Thanksgiving!! ...and for you non-Americans, happy "Look at all those Americans eating turkey" day!!
(Nov 21, 2017)
LW4 Ep1: "Daybreak" discussion thread
(Nov 16, 2017)
Unbound Harvesting tool set is back on the GEM store if anyone has been waiting.
(Nov 14, 2017)
LS4 Nov 28th!
(Nov 10, 2017)
For those waiting, the silver fed salvage-o-matic is in the gem store for 4 days only, 500 gems
(Nov 08, 2017)
NEW keyboard in time to get killing once we learn this one out.....
(Nov 07, 2017)
Lots of Recruits in last night's Missions run - WOOT! We got 4 missions done in about 30 minutes!
(Nov 03, 2017)
Big thanks to my awesome Fractals group last night. You did an awesome job! Big thanks also to Finger for helping me lead. :) I love this Guild!
(Oct 31, 2017)
Happy Halloween, everyone!