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(Jun 18, 2016)
You'd have to watch Game of Thrones, Al. LOL
(Jun 18, 2016)
(Jun 17, 2016)
(Jun 17, 2016)
does the Fallout 4 guild do events?
(Jun 16, 2016)
Guild Missions are still roling on sat and sundays : ))
(Jun 16, 2016)
I miss you Kyri!!! And Leta, Sen....all the wonderful people! I hope the old gang will be back around??? Miss those days so :))
(Jun 16, 2016)
There's kind of a lull in the game so not much going on right now. WB BMW!
(Jun 15, 2016)
Hi JUG's! I'm back to the game. Are we not doing any events during the week anymore? Miss having you awesome players drag this ole woman through dungeons and fractals! Hugs to all :)
(Jun 13, 2016)
ROFL! Hope you are getting better!
(Jun 10, 2016)
What a wonderful way of telling me to shut the hell up. Thank's Kyri! 😋
(Jun 10, 2016)
Feel better and stop talking so you can breathe! Hugs!
(Jun 10, 2016)
Went to doctor's...bronchitis and pinkeye. How @#$!ing awesome for me. Oh yeah, and high blood pressure,
(Jun 09, 2016)
Ugh, got sick; have felt like crap for days; now going to the doctor because I may have gotten pink eye...WINNING!!
(Jun 01, 2016)
Guild treasurer almost cleaned out -- not a bug:
(May 29, 2016)
Will probably not be on in time for Guild Missions today. It's mothers day and I will be late...
(May 26, 2016)
Just finished rebuilding my computer. Got it to POST. Now to reinstall Windows 7 and then Windows 10.
(May 16, 2016)
Great good choice!
(May 13, 2016)
You can now get 10 hits from the ore and wood nodes, and 3 hits from each of the plant nodes in the guild hall.
(May 12, 2016)
I just made a bunch of Jumping Puzzle videos. Check 'em out!
(May 07, 2016)
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