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(Apr 03, 2022)
Apologies! Guild Missions are postponed. Most likely resched for next Sunday. Please see calendar for details!
(Jan 09, 2022)
See you for Guild Missions today @ 1pm EST.
(Jan 02, 2022)
Monthly Guild Missions for January are rescheduled: new date Sunday 1/9/21, 1pm EST. Calendar adjusted soon. Sorry for late notice. See you then!
(Dec 11, 2021)
btw i put an event on the calendar for tomorrow
(Dec 03, 2021)
Guild Missions this Sunday, 12/5 from 1-3pm EST. Come get some loot!
(Nov 07, 2021)
Guild Missions cancelled for today, 11/7. Have a good one!
(Jul 11, 2021)
We got WHISPER!!! :D Thanks to everybody in the squad! Double-thanks to healers!!
(Jul 04, 2021)
Meeting for Guild Missions at 1pm EST (about 3 minutes).
(Jun 06, 2021)
Guild Missions in about 30 minutes. Guild Hall, 1pm EST. Be there or... not? Love to have you! :D
(May 02, 2021)
Guild Missions today - right now! :)
(Apr 14, 2021)
AR over 150 givwes no extra protection against Agony, it does increase bonus stats when using Fractal Potions
(Apr 13, 2021)
I have a question. I have 157 AR on my land based gear, 153 if I'm in water. Is it worth adding more AR?
(Apr 10, 2021)
Guild Missions 1pm EST tomorrow (4/11/21). Hope to see you there!
(Mar 03, 2021)
(Mar 03, 2021)
Want to put together a group to do Path 4 Ruined city of Arah dungeon. Also, to do aetherpath, twilight arbor
(Feb 06, 2021)
Guild Missions will take place Sunday, 2/7/21, starting at 1pm EST. Event is now up in calendar. Sorry for not posting sooner! =<_<=
(Jan 19, 2021)
2 free dye kits in the Gem Store.
(Jan 01, 2021)
Monthly Guild Missions for January will take place on Sunday 1/10/21, 1pm EST. Calendar event for sign-ups will go up later today.
(Dec 17, 2020)
Free chest and key in the Gem Store.
(Nov 26, 2020)
Happy Thanksgiving to all my US guild mates. Be well and stay safe!