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(Mar 25, 2017)
unless anyone objects, I'm going to call off tonight's raid event. not enough signups.
(Mar 25, 2017)
thank you for leading, Mike! I'm glad you were able to make it, despite the snow
(Mar 25, 2017)
Congrats to the team in last nights Aetherpath run. Things went quite well after those ooze. Good persistance & communication.
(Mar 24, 2017)
3/24: Hallows Fortune Fireworks free in Gem store (for the first one)
(Mar 22, 2017)
Raiders please check the team rosters! We had someone cancel so the teams have been shuffled a bit!
(Mar 21, 2017)
folks attending tomorrow's raid, please check out the updated team roster!
(Mar 20, 2017)
Storage expanders on sale for 680 gems (15% off)
(Mar 18, 2017)
Share inventory slots on sale. 1 for 525 Gems / 3 for 1417 Gems / 5 for 2100 Gems. RIP gems.
(Mar 17, 2017)
3/17 Flamekissed, Flamewalker, and Flamewrath armor skins are todays special 480gems per set
(Mar 16, 2017)
Permanent Captains Airship and Royal Terrace Pass on sale today 700 gems
(Mar 14, 2017)
hanks for covering! had a long day at work and jsut wanted to do some reading and hit the hay early.
(Mar 13, 2017)
We got you brother did a few missions but not quite the same without you there.
(Mar 13, 2017)
hey guys, I put up a guild missiosn event for tonight but I just took it down. I'm just not feeling it tonight and won't be on.
(Mar 09, 2017)
I have to take care of something at work and might be a bit late for fractals tonight -- sorry!
(Mar 09, 2017)
haha thanks! But credit should go to the other party members who were able to follow my terrible directions. Also kudos to Daxiz, Toyil, and Reina for a super smooth run, including killing lupey first try, despite having never done Arah before
(Mar 09, 2017)
Congrats to Cait & her team last night, they finished Arah P3 way before us. Hope everyone had fun!
(Mar 07, 2017)
Quantify has a new [very cool] website:
(Mar 05, 2017)
Cait, thanks for the info and recommendation. Broke down and bought one!
(Mar 05, 2017)
Agreed, Ed! Maybe we can try the wabbit again! ;) And thank you for the help last night, Tex! =D
(Mar 05, 2017)
Copper Fed Salvage-o-matics are on sale. I highly suggest getting one, they're definitely worth it