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(Nov 07, 2020)
Welcome to JUGs, LilHulk!
(Nov 06, 2020)
Thank You For The Add!! Looking forward to meeting and playing with everyone!
(Oct 13, 2020)
I hope Halloween starts soon.
(Sep 25, 2020)
Thanks for the add everyone! Looking forward to meeting you in-game soon.
(Sep 12, 2020)
Haven't visited my Jugs crew in awhile but I'm here to say hello!
(Sep 06, 2020)
Guild missions today, 9/6/20, starting at 1pm EST. See you there!
(Aug 02, 2020)
Join our small, but dedicated crew for Guild Missions - 1pm EST!
(Jul 30, 2020)
Several spots still open for tonights Strike Missions.
(Jun 10, 2020)
Fractals this evening. Still a few spots open. Come join us for some fun. All are welcome. We help and explain for the rookies
(Jun 07, 2020)
Join us for Guild Missions!
(May 20, 2020)
(May 07, 2020)
You bet!
(May 07, 2020)
Faleen, glad you enjoyed the run. Don't worry about getting lost. The 1st few times we could only manage 1 path because we were all lost! Hope to see you again next time.
(May 06, 2020)
Thanks for the fun in the Ascalonian Catacombs. Great leadership (lordy knows otherwise I'd still be running around down there!😂)
(May 04, 2020)
Welcome to even more new members! Feel free to introduce yourselves in the "Introductions" topic of the forums. <3
(May 03, 2020)
Guild Missions at 1pm today. Join us!
(Apr 29, 2020)
Free cape in the Gem Store until May 19!
(Apr 08, 2020)
We still have room for 1 more for this Evenings Fractal run. Rookies or Veterans welcome.
(Mar 13, 2020)
(Mar 11, 2020)
Welcome to all our new members! Feel free to introduce yourselves in the "Introductions" section of the forums!