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(Jun 22, 2017)
Steam Summer Sale starts 6/22
(Jun 15, 2017)
Due to Sunday June 18 being Father's day, the GW1 dungeon run has been moved to July 9th
(May 30, 2017)
Ill be a little late tonight for dungeon run
(May 28, 2017)
arah dungeon event teusday night sign up on calendar
(May 03, 2017)
Due to lack of participation & sign ups lately, I've remove the Freeform Fractals ( Intro - T1 ) from Thursday evenings. Should the need arise later on, we’ll reschedule them.
(May 02, 2017)
LW3 ep5 download ~840MB
(May 02, 2017)
Thanks to the guys for helping me get past that LS3 story part. Much appreciated!
(Apr 29, 2017)
Last night Arch, Brad, Jake and myself made it to the top of the guild hall!
(Apr 27, 2017)
Thanks to all who joined in at the last minute last night. A good time was had by all!
(Apr 25, 2017)
I thought Lazarus was a good guy
(Apr 25, 2017)
LS3 Episode 5 drops May 2. Trailer available!
(Apr 24, 2017)
I left a surprise in the guild hall as a "going away on vacation" present. have fun finding it! (no, it's not a flaming bag of dookie!)
(Apr 21, 2017)
Wizard's Hat back in the gemstore
(Apr 13, 2017)
i had to google what xie xie was but you are welcome!
(Apr 13, 2017)
The generosity in this guild is amazing! A big xie xie to Hanyu for the birdies! And the trophies are impressive. Oh yeah, we rock alright!!
(Apr 12, 2017)
It looks awesome!! Pretty impressive trophy room :D We rock!!
(Apr 12, 2017)
been a little bit of upgrading to the trophy room, thanks to all he folks who donated materials!
(Apr 11, 2017)
Thank you for leading T4 fractals last night, Tex! And good job everyone on Nightmare! We'll conquer it next time!
(Apr 08, 2017)
tonights raid is cancelled. not enough sign ups.
(Apr 07, 2017)
doen and done. 12 slots whee!