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(Feb 18, 2013)
I lost count on how many times the game kicked me out tonight! Luckily I wasn't doing anything important but still very frustrating!!!! >:(
(Feb 17, 2013)
On a trip, will be back Monday night. Hope all's good in the 'hood.
(Feb 14, 2013)
Ugh, the launcher last night was sloooooowwww. Took 45 min to log in. /nerdrage
(Feb 14, 2013)
Whatever dude... /kick praetorius Shit, it's not working.
(Feb 13, 2013)
Working nights this week. Not sure i will be on til this weekend.
(Feb 10, 2013)
Yeah, I was just rotating them so that the refugees would go off in the wrong direction. I should have read the wiki
(Feb 10, 2013)
wait, we were supposed to stop fixing them???
(Feb 08, 2013)
Well, I for one had an absolute blast fixing sign-posts and searching for refugees to heal (note:sarcasm) I can't wait to see the chores in store for us with the second installment.
(Feb 06, 2013)
Will be on around 6:30PST tonight, let's do something!
(Feb 04, 2013)
I can actually be on early tonight (6pm PST). Anyone up for a dungeon?
(Feb 01, 2013)
Welcome iczek!!
(Feb 01, 2013)
New blood! ComaTroll joned our ranks
(Jan 31, 2013)
suprise suprise
(Jan 31, 2013)
That was fast
(Jan 31, 2013)
Pritst has left the building
(Jan 30, 2013)
Welcome Drexius!! (Drexius is an old guild-mate of Ryvn and Capt. Midnight's)
(Jan 30, 2013)
Welcome Pritst!!
(Jan 29, 2013)
time for fractals?!!?
(Jan 28, 2013)
Crafting dailies!!! Woo hoo! Who wants to form a group and do some crafting?!! anyone? anyone?